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Jan 23, 2017

Dear Editor,

I just read a Letter to the Editor that gave the writer’s long laundry list of things he/she feels is or has been wrong with the County. This person signed the letter “an uninvolved concerned citizen”, after asking to withhold his/her name.

My question is; How can anyone be a “concerned citizen” and be “uninvolved”? If you are uninvolved, can you be concerned? I did not see you when I was the only person who showed up at the school board meeting to discuss their tax rate. I did not hear from you when I filed an injunction to stop the proposed airport tax. You did not offer any assistance when I filed the Circuit Court case that started the discussion on the coal mine. There was no offer from you to help me pay for gas and food when I made trips to help with the proposals to get the coal mine open. I have not heard from you in my continuing efforts for the coal mine.

Don’t take what I have listed as some big “toot my horn” deal, because there are many others who have been working to get more jobs, a jail, and a better place to live. We are blessed with a Sheriff who personally gets involved with any potential project to improve the County. The County Clerk has made trips to talk with other counties’ industrial development people. There are Magistrates who have met with jailers and state officials to try and find some help for the jail situation. The Circuit Court Clerk has spent his personal time to meet with others in an attempt to lower the County’s costs. There are many people in the County who are not elected officials who try every day to open, improve, and expand their business to provide more jobs for the people of our County. Any teacher who is dedicated and doing their job is seriously underpaid.

So don’t tell me you are a concerned citizen but uninvolved. That is offensive to all of us who are involved and trying to make this a better place for you and for us. If you want ideas about becoming involved, come to my office any day and we will discuss what you can do. Check with the Sheriff to see if you can help or ask the drug court. Ask one of the clerks or just start with your neighbor. Together we can answer many of our concerns by becoming involved.

If we are all in this sinking boat together, don’t spend the time and effort telling us who knocked holes in the bottom, but instead grab a bucket and help the rest of us bail water.

Still Hopeful for the Future,

Bruce W. Lominac, J.D.

McCreary County PVA, SKA

Dear Editor,

Hello everyone I would just like to spread the word about three programs that can really help citizens of McCreary County get jobs. The first is “Ready To Work” and “Work And Learn”, which is through the Somerset Community College. This program is for people on KTAP and allows them to go to college or get their GED while being paid $7.25 an hour for working at host agencies. Doing this program is a great opportunity for people in McCreary County to get an education to reach their long term career goals, while still recieving benefits and pay to provide for their household in the process.

The second program is one that will pay 180 hours of a new employees wages. Through this program employers get 180 hours risk free to try out new employees. Then after the 180 hours if they are not good workers the employer can let them go. Or if they are good workers the employer can keep them on and the employer starts paying the employees wages. This program is a great way for citizens in McCreary County to get their foot in the door for jobs they maybe interested in. It is also a great opportunity for  businesses to have a 180 day risk free trial period for new employees.

The third program is one that offers help with tuition or training cost. This can be used for things such as CDL’S, nursing, industrial maintenance, and many others. If any adult in McCreary County is interested in gaining more job skills and needs help paying for it this program is a great opportunity. It can be for people that are layed off or just people who are seeking job skills to gain employment. While working here at the McCreary County Park I have been able to benefit from using various programs. Without these programs many organizations, like the park, would not have help to run their facilities. The even bigger picture is that these programs help the citizens of McCreary County. McCreary County should get its fair share of the money delegated for programs such as the ones mentioned. In order for that to happen we have to spread the word and make citizens of McCreary County knowledgeable about these programs. Thank you and please help spread the word.

Melissa Vanover

McCreary County Park


Jan 19, 2017

Dear Editor,

I am asking first that my name be withheld due to comments I am going to make in this letter. People in the school system / County government can cause problems for loved ones. While not affecting me directly, administrators could cause problems for my children.

Last week’s front page raised many issues that should be asked. How is it that some people can avoid the Occupational Tax…is it because our “tax collector” doesn’t even know where al the businesses are in the county? Do all landlords pay tax on their rental property?---I know they don’t!! What about all the businesses that ‘pretend’ to be “weekly yard deals/ local grown produce”, not untaxed businesses’. If these people paid their Occupational taxes it would lessen the burn on those that operate legal.

911--How many individuals / business’ decide to NOT PAY this “optional tax”. I thought a tax was a tax--I didn’t know taxes were optional. I’m guessing there are at least 300 people a month that don’t pay their fair share. There are many business’s that have multiple lines of telephones but avoid this tax. The county should publish this list back to the inception of 911, just like they do for those that don’t pay property tax. If they don’t pay their tax on their phone, cut it off. Can I withhold the state and federal tax on my bill--is it optional?

Fiscal Court is now looking to put additional taxes on the “working citizens” that already pay while others get a “pass”, Why? So the county can pay to support those that break the law, and get free medical, a warm place to stay and three meals a day…while many of our law abiding citizens shiver in poorly heated homes and kids don’t have enough to eat---but by all means, let us give priority to those that break the law!

Before I leave the Fiscal Court, Why all the silence on the 100+ new jobs that were coming when the nation was going to ship it’s garbage to Greenwood before the last election? What’s going on with the company that was going to reopen the mine in Stearns…has anyone in the court house even spoke to these people…did any of our Fiscal Court go to the meeting where it was announced and offer to even write a letter of support if needed? There was one business that went out of business in McCreary County, due to state action, three years ago and the county lost 70 jobs, but not even a letter of support to help the owners stay in McCreary County. We won’t even bring up the trucking company in Winfield that was never induced to come to our county.

School system…congratulations to our local basketball team and football team for the great season you are having / had. Guess it makes a difference when you hire a qualified coach(s). Noted with interest that when Mr. Jones retired (finally) he had won, what around 200 games in 17 years???? an average of 12 games a year and many years not many. Must be nice to have your job protected by your aunt on the school board. Current BB team has already won as many games as Mr. Jones career average, at barely half way through the season. Wonder when he is going to retire as Athletic Director so the entire McCreary County Sports program can move forward. Sometimes you can be a decent player but if you have an attitude and can’t get an attitude adjustment…you can ruin the entire team.

Again congratulations to this year’s Football team that had the best winning percentage in the high schools history…and to the Basketball team who’s ranking in the Lexington Herald today is the highest it has been in the region in years. My apologies to all the good players / teams McCreary County has had over the last 10-15 years that played under inept coaches and did not have the chance to reach their potential.

One additional question…does the school system have a dress code for staff? When I pick up my children at school, I many times see teachers dress like they are doing yard work…jeans and Tee shirt. How can we teach our children to be neat and professional when the maintenance staff (no slam at these people) dress nicer than those with college degrees?

Just a few random comments from an uninvolved concerned citizen. Good reporting to let us know what’s going on in the county.

Dear Editor, 

After 90 years, I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to sit here in the comfort of my living room and watch and learn about our political system.  I have watched the recent presidential election, cabinet confirmation hearings, and look forward to the televised inauguration events.

With television allowing us to watch the process from our homes, I hope people, both young and old, will learn about the process of selecting and electing those who govern our country.

I feel blessed, at this age and time, to have the opportunity to learn about this process.

I think all of us owe a great debt of gratitude to our founding fathers who so wisely initiated our process of government.

The foresight of our early leaders in designing the Electoral College so that each state is represented in a fair and equitable manner is amazing.  The recent election illustrates the importance of the Electoral College.  When one state, such as California, determines the popular vote, the Electoral College evens the vote out fairly by reflecting the vote of the majority of states.  The Electoral College equalizes and gives voice to all states and citizens and recognizes the diversity of our nation.

Prior to the election, I prayed the minds and hearts of our people would be directed to vote in the way that would be in the best interest of all in our country.

Now, I continue to pray to God for Him to give President-elect Trump guidance in directing us according to the way of our founding fathers.

My hope and prayer is that God will empower our new President to bring our country together by extending compassion, love, and kindness to those who have opposed him.  It would make me happy to hear him express himself in a more unifying manner and maybe, in time, be able to ignore some of the more personal attacks against him.

I think we are fortunate to have President Trump who has proven himself as capable of success and in choosing responsible people to surround and advise him during his administration.  He has chosen people who have proven their leadership and success in their chosen endeavors.  It might be difficult, at times, for President Trump to take the recommendations of his Cabinet.  Hopefully, he will be able to rely on those he has chosen to advise him.

In closing, I’m looking forward to the new administration.  I’m looking forward with prayer and faith to the success of this administration.

In addition to all of the above, I am wishing each and every one of you a healthy, happy, prosperous new year.


Kathleen Marnhount Foley

Jan 12, 2017

Dear Editor 

Larry and Janie Meadows take this opportunity to graciously thank all who assisted in our time of need. Thank you the the Whitley City, North McCreary and Pine Knot fire departments for their response. Thank you to Pine Knot Primary and all the individuals who contributed clothes, food, and monetary donations which allowed us to get back on our feet. We may have lost our home and many irreplaceable mementos, but we are very lucky to live in a community that comes together to help one another in their times of greatest need. God Bless you all.

Also a very big thank you to our Marine Hero (Kenny Carson) who saved our lives that morning.

Larry and Janie Meadows

Jan 5, 2017

Dear Editor 

I would be remiss not to take a moment and thank the incredible people of McCreary County for their oft-overwhelming support of the McCreary County Museum’s Christmas efforts:  the 2nd Annual Christmas Candlelight Tour, which took place on Saturday, December 10, 2016, the Community Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony, and the Store 1 Window display, themed “A Miracle on 34th Street,” which opened a week earlier.

In 2015, it was a tough decision to alter the tradition of the museum’s annual open house, which took place during our regular business hours, but for many reasons, we’re so glad that we followed our instincts and took that leap.  The nighttime event is unquestionably festive.  Seeing visitors, bundled in their winter finery, bustling across the 109 year old veranda harkens back to an earlier time, when Christmas was about family and community and the togetherness that is so often lost in the hustle of our modern society.  The beauty of our museum, and the splendor of events such as ours, is that we’re able to bring people together.  For the past two years, we’ve enjoyed seeing families – mothers, fathers, children, and grandparents – make ours a family occasion, and the laughter and joy brought through our doors by long-friends, who have chosen to make the museum their Christmas tradition, is cherished.

Unquestionably, that energy takes flight and warms the winter chill.  In the dreamy, warm glow of candles and Christmas lights, the museum does spring to life, and the holiday spirit absorbs the building, its staff, and our visitors like at no other time of the year.  We are so thankful for that, and for that, it’s my favorite event of the year.

Despite my joy for the event and its success, it is, without question, a team effort, and I’m forever grateful for the help and support of the museum’s staff and volunteers who have poured their hearts and talents into this 2016 Christmas season.  There simply would not have been any event without them, and, while events such as these are often thankless for those behind the scenes, I’m a firm believer that we give credit where credit is due, and these wonderfully talented and supportive people should be recognized.  For gifts in kind, our thanks to:  Allen Campbell, Kathy Lockhart, Katy Gilreath, Shelley Gilreath, Aimee Strunk, Sue Pendergraft, Brenda Payne, Doug Meece, Barb Edwards, Mehg Marshall, The Neal Family, Beth Ann Kilburn, Ally Van Hook, Whitney Watson, Boyd Parriman, Mike Nagle, Cody Gibson, Brian McKee, Mickey’s Southern Charm Flower Shop, Lowe’s of Corbin and Somerset, Pottery by Mehg, Whistle Stop at Big South Fork, Pine Knot Job Corps, the Choir of Stearns First Baptist Church, and  Kroger of Whitley City.  For monetary donations, we’d like to thank:  Forcht Bank/Forcht Group of Kentucky, Outdoor Venture Corporation, United Cumberland Bank, Crabtree-Wilson Insurance, and The Gilreath Family.  For coverage in the media, advertising our event, and/or coverage of the event on the night, we want to thank WHAY Radio, Eugenia Jones with the McCreary County Voice, and all who took time to share the event on social media, and to everyone who has expressed their appreciation and enjoyment of the museum’s efforts and events, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

The McCreary County Museum is fortunate and grateful to have such wonderful support, and we look forward to continuing our service to McCreary County.  We wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

Shane Gilreath, Director

McCreary County Museum


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