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Middle School Students Attend Girls Exploring Math And Science Conference


Somerset, - Somerset Community College (SCC) hosted a Girls Exploring Math and Science Conference (GEMS) recently on the SCC Somerset Campus. Students from 14 area middle schools, including Adair, Casey, Cumberland, McCreary, Meece, North Laurel, Northern, Rockcastle, Russell, Science Hill, Somerset Christian, South Laurel, Southern and Wayne County, took part in the conference.

GEMS was created as a way to encourage female students to consider mathematics-oriented and science-oriented careers, to gain confidence in mathematics and science and to take advanced level mathematics and science courses in high school. The GEMS program is designed to promote the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) program which promotes a larger and more diverse science and engineering workforce.

Each student participated in workshops that explored careers in Respiratory Therapy, Emergency Medical Services, Physics/Engineering, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, Criminal Justice, 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing and Robotic Welding.

The 3D printing/Additive Manufacturing workshop was hosted by Eric Wooldridge, SCC associate professor. The Robotic Welding workshop was hosted by Karl Watson, SCC associate professor, and Scott Stringer, SCC instructional specialist. The Cosmetology workshop was hosted by Jennifer Owens, SCC associate professor, and her students. The Culinary Arts program was hosted by SCC Chefs Ed Nazario and Michael Wells, and their students. The Criminal Justice program was hosted by Brandi Copenhaver, SCC professor, and Teresa Hinkle, SCC instructor.  The Physics and Engineering workshop was hosted by Debra House, SCC professor of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy, Billie Dobbs, SCC associate professor of Physics and Kathy Lewis, SCC professor of Mathematics.  The Respiratory Therapy workshop was hosted by Jason Asher, SCC associate professor and clinical coordinator, and Angie Mills, SCC assistant professor. The Emergency Medical Services was hosted by Tracey Franklin, SCC instructor and Samantha Feldman, SCC instructor and clinical coordinator.

Lunch was catered by SCC Culinary Arts students.

GEMS team members, who helped plan the event, include: Cindy Byrd, Carol Calcaterra, Shanda Catron, Judy Covey, Tanya Cowan, Carrie Fitzpatrick, Debra House, Alesa Johnson, Kelly Johnson, Kathy Lewis, Ron Meade, Karen Plagge and Cecilia Ramilo.


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McCreary Middle's winners of the annual BOE Christmas Card Contest. From left to right, they are Savannah Egnew, Jazmine Reagan, Ashlyn Slaven, and Gracie Sims.


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Whitley City Elementary celebrated their Christmas spirit week with many fun and exciting days and events. Thursday was dress up like your favorite Christmas character. Pictured are four precious Elves on the Shelf that spread Christmas cheer throughout the school.


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Whitley City Elementary 2016 Christmas Card winners. While there were many amazing cards turned in for the contest, 6th grade student Cayden Rowe and 4th grade student Megan Vanover were this years winners. Both Cayden and Megan received their own copies of published cards to hand out to their friends and families. Congratulations to both Cayden and Megan!

The Whitley City Elementary 1st grade classes participated in a Potato Turkey Transformation project.  Pictured  are some of the displays of the students’ projects.


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The McCreary County Head Start applied for a Christmas grant to purchase gifts for the children. They were awarded the check from the local manager from Oneida Walmart.


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Girl scouts Troop 1853, Made a special visit to the Pine knot nursing home over the weekend .The girls sang Christmas carols and gave each patient a stocking with a hand made Christmas card, and a candy cane . The girls also brought word puzzle books and individual tissues to be handed out to the residents. Pictured is Megan Sellers, Faith Smith, Sariea Privet,  Kayla Morgan and Angel Daughtery.

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P.K.P.S Choir and Dance group perform songs and a Constitution skit led by Mr.Stone. Ms Gay leads the group in square dancing.


Whitley City Elementary Super Honor Roll/Honor Roll 1st 9 weeks

Super Honor Roll


Baylee Garland, Simeon Garland, Johannah Hamlin, Raleigh Head, Kaison Phillips, Annzlee Ridener, Tate Sampson, Abigail Shook, Danielle Aley, Khloe Bryant, Kourtney Bryant, Blake Corder, Nicholas Cox, Talya Ferrier, Liam Frye, Brooklyn Garland, Kevin Johnson, Liam Miller, Oliver Owens, Raylen Ridner, Eriabella Ross, Skyller Sumner, Braylon Stephens, Coleman Neeley, Jordyn Bryant, Desireah Cox, Kaylee Gilreath, Ethan Catron, James Marler, and Shaelyn Watters

1st Grade:

Kenzie Bryant, Kevin Hatfield, Ashton Guy Kidd, Elijah Perry, Darius Ridener, Aaron Jaden Watts, Stephanie Yancey, Carlena Coffey-Barnett, Tristan Corder, Adreanna Miller, Kenton Murphy, Kadyn Perry, Brianna Sumner, Kassidy Garland, Jerry Kelly, Treyven Calhoun, Carra Murphy, Madison Smith, and Gracie Swihart

2nd Grade:

Korabelle Bryant, Kaydyn Snyder, Eddie Branscum, Addison Cecil, Katielynn Creekmore, Maylee Creekmore, Caylyn Daugherty, Tyler Godfrey, Natalie Goins, River Horne, Kyler Mason, Evan Troxell, Nicholas Walker, Tanner Wright, Aubrey Stephens, Jordian Ross, Isabelle Canada, Isaac Corder, Litzy Cruz, Lonnie Hatfield III, Kynleigh Inman, and Isabella Newman

3rd Grade:

Isabella Ball, Ariah Hatfield, Taylor King, Abigail Musgrove, Callista Shook, Hunter Spradlin, Taylor Kingsley, Colton Starrett, Jamee Stephens, Aubrey Shoopman, Jordian Ross, Ryland Bell, Chaston Daugherty, Malorie Gilreath, Andru Ridener, Kylie Crabtree, Piper Greene, Cooper Johns, Hayley Sheckles, Jaxon Tapley, and Brady Tucker

4th Grade:

Justin Bell, Gene Sharpe, Natalie Branscum, Hannah Hamlin, Riley Newman, Jolie Perkins, Lexi Stephens, Makayla Stephens, Emmaleigh Stephens, Lucas Morrow, Kinsley Coffey, Lilly Martin, and Channer Cox

5th Grade: 

Maddie Tucker, Madelyn Corder, Caleb Musgrove, Kennedy Creekmore, Jacob Cecil, Chantay Pierce, Lillie Tucker, Ashton Williams, Audrie Shook, Allison West, Kloe Cummins, and Austin Tucker

6th Grade:

Wyatt Anderson, Jodie Smiddie, Allie Sullivan, Cheyanne Walker, Jayci Bell, Rayna Grant, Caiden Hamlin, Cayden Rowe, Raylee Strunk, Libby Sumner, Austin West, Seth Phillips, Kyley Mitchell, Kaleb Baird, Brady Corder, Callie Foster, Jaelynn King, and Makya Mitchell

Honor Roll


Zoey Crabtree, Bentley Garner, Liam Greene, Ellie Jones, Kallen Morgan, Brylee Rose, Emily Crabtree, Amanda Gibson, Ayden Smith, Abigail Taylor, Chloe Taylor, Brooklyn Strunk, Teri Sheckles, Addilyn Phillips, Kampbell Mason, Addison Mason, Maddox King, Ryleigh Hellweg, Connor Foster, Caroline Thompson, Savannah Thompson, Maddie Vanover, Jaxon Walker, Jaeven Watts, Allison Wilson, Weston Coffey, and Kayden Jones

1st Grade:

Myla Watson, Natalee Strunk, Allyson Ping, Makenna King, Kendra Foster, Southern Chitwood, Hunter Gleason, Jackie Hager, Mackenzie McCoy, Kaylee McKee, Mariah Staten, Karma Taylor, Addison Tucker, Sarah Yancey, Tate Cordell, Cameron Derr, Robert Hatfield, KayLee Parriman, Ivann Singleton, Kaylen Troxell, Abigail Geyer, Isaiah Perry, and Tucker Strunk

2nd Grade:

Shadara Dixon, Kaydee Heath, Mitchell Smith, Allison Meadows, Danni Rollins, Brandon Sexton, Kenzie Sunderland, Shavallen Watters, Kylie Bennett, Justen Collins, Kylee Heath, Cadence Owens, Keyonna Perry, Lillie Sumner, Skylar Watson, Chevie Gibson, Hunter Honeycutt, Shelby Parriman, and Jorge Rodriguez

3rd Grade: 

Davon Burke, Noah Cox, Annabelle King, Corban Rose, Trevor Ross, Josie Stephens, Autumn Tucker, Allyson Jones, Lily McDonald, Kellie Phillips, Andrew Tapley, Natalie Corder, Ricky Cox, Kaytlen Patrick, Garric Singleton, Camry Snyder, Cloe Vanover, Hunter Watson, Caitlyn Corder, Hailey Helton, Olivia Lynch, Brayden Mitchell, Brayden Perry, Skyler Taylor, and Hailee Wilson

4th Grade:

Logan Mitchell, Jayden Renfro, Lauren Ridner, Bethani Rollins, Deziray Schram, Tyler Taylor, Whitlee Waters, Jasmine West, Ayden Morrow, Darah Buis, Joseph Meadows, Kailynne Phillips, Jeanann Rose, Koltin Shelton, Sarah Wilson, Haley Duncan, Trenton Helbert, Elly Stephens, Kaylynn Stephens, Maleah Watson, Tristan West, Aleah Lewis, Tessa Upchurch, and Bryson Hurd

5th Grade:

Brooklyn Bryant, Jordan Burdine, Kaylee Corder, Natalia Delaughter, Lillian Fee, Brianna Gibson, Christian Johns, Alex Jones, Savannah Kennedy, Alex Maynard, Christopher Patrick, Reily Patrick, Cloe Rose, Hannah Tapley, James Yancey, Josh Murphy, Chrislynn Hulling, Ethan Jones, Victoria Murphy, Truman Neal, Chesney Shepherd, Connor Stephens, Keenan Vanover, Lacey Abbott, Jasmine Collins, Jazmine Terry, Courtney Meadows, Emileigh Goins, Nathanael Longmire, Darrin Ridener, Waylon Lyons, Kaydence Phillips, and Alyssa Honeycutt

6th Grade:

Destinee Delap, Cole Howard, Drew McKinney, Dalton Moses, Brayden Newton, Deavon Shelton, Jarrod Spradlin, Chloe Stout, Michael Wainscott, Lexie West, Justin Castillo, Issac Cox, Hailey Irvin, Jacob Marler, Dylan McCoy, Shantale Shelton, Addison Vanover, Emily Swain, Houston Shepherd, Brooklyn Sedivi, Grace Powers, Heaven Perry, Hannah Owens, Jayden Lyons, David Kingsley, Chloe Kidd, Riley Horne, Angel Burdue, Jacob Bryant, Megan Campbell, Connor Cordell, Spencer Hamilton, Sadie Bundy, Raven Helton, Aireonna Higginbotham, Olivia King, Destiny Ridener, Anthony Ridner, and Melody Stevens

McCreary Aerospace Academy


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Shane Meadows, Adam Meadows, and Logan Creekmore are learning fundamentals of aircraft maintenance from Logan Clark, an Aircraft Inspector from Air Methods. Aeronautics/Flight and Aircraft Maintenance are two of the 4 aerospace strands in the McCreary Aerospace Academy.


Photo by Greg Bird

Senator Max Wise paid a visit to Pine Knot Intermediate last week to speak to 5th Grade students about civics and government.


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Pictures from PKI's Veterans Day program.



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On November 1, 2016, Pine Knot Intermediate’s Gifted and Talented students and the students in the Advanced Arts Class were privileged to attend the Arts Across the Curriculum program in Berea, KY.  While attending the program, students toured various artisan shops and studios. They participated in on-site learning while observing master artisans as they worked.  They watched a master wood-worker as he demonstrated wood turning techniques. They learned of the process and technology used for pewter casting. The looms were explained demonstrated by the weaver.  As they watched the artists create, they enjoyed listening to the stories the artists told concerning their own journeys and the struggles they endured on their path to becoming master artisans.


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These students performed a reading of "The Vinder Viper" at our Oct. 18, 2016 Literacy Night.  Parents were invited to come and read with their children and check out how they were doing with AR points.  We had two guest with us that night, Holly Daugherty and Karen Hughes who read to us also.

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Its been a busy Autumn beginning at the McCreary Head Start! The children got to enjoy a day at the Sally Gap Pumpkin Patch and went on a nature walk at the Barren Fork walking trail.

Pine Knot Primary First and Second Grade Habitat Contest


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Mrs. Sims would like to thank everyone who participated in the First and Second Grade Habitat Contest at Pine Knot Primary. We had an amazing turn out and I am so proud of all students who took part. Everyone got a certificate for their hard work. Special acknowledgement to all our winners listed as follows. (Top) First Grade (L/R): First place Logan Strunk, Second place Kahner Sexton, Third place Kylee West, Fourth place tied Dustin Corder and Akil Honeygan, Fifth place Ian Heineman, Sixth place Thatcher Daugherty. (Bottom) Second Grade (L/R): First place Jack Simpson, Second place Tanner Slaven, Third place Isabella Shook, Fourth place Weston Cox, Fifth place Katelyn Bolin, Sixth place tied Jacob Kiser and Shannon Kidd

PKI Choir attends Southern KY Music Association All-Festival


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Six students from PKI attended the Southern Kentucky Music Association All-Festival and participated in the children's choir. This choir consisted of 5th and 6th grade students from across our region. The event took place in London, KY on Tuesday, October 25th. Pictured (left to right): top - Caroline Richmond (6th), Evan Wilson (6th), Shelly Owens (6th); bottom - Hannah Baird (5th), Andrea Bruce (5th) & Lacey Watters (5th).

First grade pumpkin contest winners at PKP



Photo by Page Hatfield Bryant via Facebook 

As part of their latest class, McCreary County Aerospace Academy students went flying with instructor Tim Smith.  The Academy provides aerospace instruction and experience to middle and high school students wishing to get a head start on careers in the aerospace industry.


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Caleb Musgrove and Cayden Rowe, students of Whitley City Elementary, were selected by audition to perform in the 2016 Kentucky Division of American Choral Director’s Association (ACDA) 5th & 6th Grade All-State Chorus.  The concert was presented at the South Kentucky Performing Arts Center in Bowling Green, KY on Saturday, October 29, 2016.  Caleb is the son of Lucian and Lindsey Musgrove.  Cayden is the son of Bo and Brandy Rowe.  It is an honor for students and schools to be selected to perform with this prestigious choir. .

W.C. E. Pumpkin Contest 



The Raider Crusaiders took a trip to Shakertown recently.


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Thirteen students from Whitley City Elementary joined with students from across the region to present the 9th annual South Kentucky Music Association (SKMA) Elementary All-Festival Chorus concert on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at London First Baptist Church in London, KY.  Students representing Whitley City Elementary were (back row, left to right) Callie Foster, Cayden Rowe, Ally Sullivan, Raylee Strunk, Kennedy Creekmore, and Brianna Gibson; (front row, left to right) Olivia King, Brady Corder, Caleb Musgrove, Brooke Sedivi, Madilyn Carter, Chantay Pierce, and Jaelynn King.