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Dear Readers,

Hello, hope you are all doing fine today!

Something I want to address today is how things happen that are just so crazy and unexpected, that it would be a crime not to share with the millions of people that love you? (Not entirely true here, but a person can dream.)

Yeah, I had one of those last week; however I need to backtrack first.

About a month ago, my brother's cat, Snowflake, had kittens. Again. One died and one just disappeared without a trace. So, before she could have anymore, I schedualed a vet appointment. Because my cat, Twilight, was from her last. And he's geting older now, you know. And I needed to put an end to that possibility.

So, I took her to the vet on last Tuesday, and picked her up the next day. A day after we got her home, my mom was taking my little brother up to the bus, when she heard this meowing. Over and over again, just repeatedly. It was coming from one of the cliffs that surround our hill. So, after fighting my way through briars and weeds, and the fear of stepping on a snake, I got to cliff.

And there he was, a little black kitten up on the rock ledge. Luckily, he let me pick him up without a fuss. If he'd tried to get away, I wouldn't have been able to catch him, my head barely reached the edge of the ledge. (Pardon the rhyme.)

The poor thing, he hadn't eaten for two days, since she was at the vet one day, and in our pet carrier the next. He was hungry, I fed him with a dropper at first, because Snowflake wasn't mothering him at first, but by the end of the day, she was nursing him.

He is an adorable little guy, I've named him Sheldon, from the Big Bang Theory. And yes, I do sing him "Soft Kitty".

We thought he had died like the other one, we hadn't seen or heard him until then. Now, he's surviving and thriving! A little miracle.

He's so cute, I would like to keep him, but I can't, I already have Twilight. So, I'll have to find Sheldon the purrr-fect home. (Hint-Hint.) Any takers?

If you are interested in him, email me at Or, if you have any comments, questions, etc., feel free to share.

Don't forget to be awesome, and read next time!

Republican Cacaus 2016

Dear Readers, 

Hello...from the other side. Sorry, couldn’t resist that one.

Anyway, hi, hope you are all well, and I hope you guys are liking the sunshine!

My subject for today is something of a fever spreading through the country. The Presidential election.

As most of you know, we just had our first Caucus in the county. I was there and I interviewed a few random voters to see who was the most popular in the county.

That’s basically what elections are about, right? Popularity?

Of course, for the Voters’ discretion, no names are to be listed.

What’s funny is, I didn’t happen to get many interviews for the different candidates.

Out of them all, the two that seemed neck-and-neck were Cruz and Trump. To sum it up, based on popularity, the percentages were Trump 60% and Cruz 40%

Here is a summary of views the voters had on candidates Trump and Cruz:

Trump may come off strong to some, but others like it. That he has a lot of fun with his campaign and he stands up for himself. He is willing to state unpopular opinions when it seems like others are afraid to.

When it comes to Cruz, he is professional. He is a Constitutional expert, and he’s Conservative. And the record shows, he does his best to do what he promises. Many find that they agree with him morally as well.

I can’t say I absolutely love any of them. Politics are not exactly what I dream about at night. Not my cup of tea. But I suppose I agree more with Cruz, both morally and otherwise. Not that Trump is the worst, on the contrary, in my opinion he’s better than most.

All I can say as far as the election goes is I have A LOT of praying to do. And so do you. So do we all.

Hope you find my opinion of interest to you. If you have any in-put, comments, and/or questions, email me at and share. Don’t forget to read next time!


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