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2014-2015 McCreary County Bus Routes


Bus # 498



Route begins on Mt. Pleasant Rd, then to Danny King Rd., Tom Meadows, Rd., Kingtown Rd., back to Mt. Pleasant Rd. and proceeds to PKI, PKP.

Bus # 905


Route begins on Mike Cooper Rd. off of Kidd Cemetery Rd., George Kidd Rd., Bob Musgrove Rd., Court Lane to Hwy 27 S.  Turn on Chewford Rd., Gilreath Rd., Stepp Rd, back to the forks, right to Quarry Rd.  Next goes to Kidd/Garland Rd., Rayburn Rd., to Old Cal Hill Spur Rd.  Proceeds to PKI, PKP.

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Bus # 209



Route begins on Round Top Rd. from Mine 18 Rd. to Roundtop Church Rd.  Turns and goes back to Sweet Gum Rd.  Returns to Roundtop Rd. to Tom Meadows Rd.  Next, goes to A. King Rd. to the end, to Cardinal Lane then stops at Can Man Rd.  Proceeds to Lori Woods Rd. and stops at Star Lane, Turns around at next drive and goes to the end of Sargent Rd., comes back out and crosses railroad tracks at Anderson’s Grocery.  Proceeds to PKI, PKP, MMS and MCHS.

Bus # 1102



Route begins on Hwy 1651.  Goes to Kilby Lane, Chaney Lane and Hickory Mill Rd.  Proceed to Mud Cut Rd., Track Rd., and back to 1651 to the Pine Knot Fire House, through Job Corps Rd. to Hwy 27, and at the former Forcht bank. Proceeds to PKI, PKP, MMS, MCHS.

Bus # 2005



Route begins on Mt. Pleasant Rd. at A. Duncan Rd. and Sadie Lane.  Turns around in parking lot at apartments, goes back to Hwy 1470 to Hwy 27.  Goes to cigarette store on Old 27 to Leamon Strunk Rd.  Returns to Old 27 to Lum Strunk Rd.  Turns around at first road past the trailer park.  Proceeds to PKI, PKP.

Bus # 309



Route begins on Cal Hill Rd., stop at Starlin Anderson Rd. then to 1470. Turn in Burdine parking area. Proceed to Josh Hill Rd., turns sharp left onto Tom Neal Rd, then back to 92 and to Josh Hill Rd. Then travel to Hwy 2792 picking up students on 2792.  Proceeds to PKI, PKP, MMS and MCHS.

Bus # 2007



Route begins 1-½ miles down Murphy Ridge Rd., continues to the forks of the road and bears right to the end of the road.  Comes back out Murphy Ridge and turns left onto Floyd Meadows Rd to the end and turns around.  Returns to Murphy Ridge and continues to Marsh Creek Rd.  Turns left, goes to Privett Rd. and travels to the end.  Comes back out and proceeds to PKI, PKP.

Bus # 702

RICK TAYLOR • 354-3667

Route begins on Hayes Creek, turns left on Osborne Creek Rd., then to Oscar Morgan Rd., David Marion Rd.  It then goes down Granny Holt Knob.  Travels to Low Gap Rd., Finley Rd., makes a circle to Smiddy Rd., Poley Ellis Rd., then to Poplar Ford Rd. and proceed to PKP, PKI.

Bus # 602

DEWEY BRYANT• 354-2168

Route begins on Old Stephens Mill Rd., then 2792 up to Ellis Rd., Fed Stephens Rd., Lloyd Martin Rd., Herb Neal Rd., Wild Bill Stephens Rd. Also, New Stephens Mill Rd., Twin Lakes Rd., then proceeds to PKP, PKI.

Bus # 1506


Route begins on Perkins Lane then to Ezra Taylor Rd., Everett Ball Rd.  Proceeds to Hwy 2792 and then turns on Bethel Rd.  Goes to Leamon Richmond Rd.  Follow to dead end, then turns right and follows Laurel Cemetery Rd.  Goes to Duncan Rd., returns to Airport Rd., Cherokee Trail, Meadows Grove Spur, Martin Rd. South, Clarence Duncan Rd. and back to spur.  Follow to right onto Meadows Grove Spur, Steve Gilreath Rd., back to Meadows Grove to Clinton Richmond Rd.  Turns and goes back to Airport Rd., Clear Pine Drive, then back to 2792 and proceeds to PKP, PKI, MMS, MCHS.

Bus # 12


Route begins on 92 at Holly Hill, then to 1470, Osborne Creek Rd., turn on Hayes Creek Rd. to Dupey Lane, Judy Redden Rd., Corder Flats, Hazel Baird Rd., and Fitz Keith Rd. Back to Corder Flats, turn left onto 1470 to Creekmore/Privett Rd., back to 1470, stop at Danny Fletcher Rd. then proceed to PKP, PKI, MMS, MCHS.

Bus # 2002

MIKE BRYANT • 354-3643

Route begins on Manning Rd., off of Bethel Rd., then Clear Creek Rd., Mary Shadoan Rd., Dean King Rd., Edd Stephens Rd., Muddy Branch, Swain rd., Sam Strunk Rd., Sherman Richmond Rd. behind the prison. Go to Brinks Loop, Jim Smith Rd., Shady Acres, then proceeds to PKP, PKI.

Bus # 105

JOHNNY PERRY • 310-6974

Route begins Hwy 2792 to CCC Rd., then Ned Ridge Rd., Kidd School Rd., C. Bryant Rd., to Hwy 2792 again and goes to Edna Hayes Rd.  Proceeds to William Davis Rd., Pleasant Run Church Rd., then Hwy 1044, Bethel Rd.  Turns right on Kidd School Rd. and comes back to Bethel Rd. picking up all students on the main Bethel Rd. to Hwy 2792. The last stop is a white house on the right, past the prison and barn.  Proceeds to PKP, PKI, MMS, and MCHS.



Bus # 109


SKULLBONE TOWER:  Route begins on Hickory Knob Rd. Proceeds to Hwy 1363 to Skullbone Tower Rd. and travels about two miles, then turn around. Returns to 1363, proceeds to Jewel Kidd Hill, to Yamacraw bridge and travels to MMS, MCHS, PKI and PKP.

Bus # 112


DOBBS HOLLOW:  Route begins in Dobbs Hollow at end of road.  Pick up two students and turn. Pick up students through Dobbs Hollow. Travel to the Skull Bone turnaround and then proceed to Hwy. 92.  Continue to the Jones Hollow Road.   Travel to the end and begin picking up students.  Proceed to Hwy. 92.  Unloads at MMS, MCHS, PKI and PKP.

Bus # 804

JOHNNY COX • 354-4483

CLARK HOLLOW: Route begins on West 92 at Clark Hollow Rd. / Wayne County line.  Comes back to Powell Gap Mountain.  Proceeds on West 92 loading students in Wolf Ridge Community, then proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKI and PKP.

Bus # 102


BALD KNOB:  Route begins at Bald Knob to Devils Creek and on to Koger Hollow bridge.  Travels to West 92 and loads students to Shady Lane including the following roads:  Tommy Strunk, Whitehead Rd, Pete Bowman Road.  Proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKI, PKP.

Bus # 304


West 92 to SHADY LANE:  Route begins on John Perry Rd, then Hwy, 791 to Worley Hill Top to the end of the road.  Next is Pryor Rd., to the end, then to Wagon Ridge, off West 92, to the end.  Returns to West 92, turns right to Shady Lane.  Proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKI, PKP.

Bus # 697


RATTLESNAKE RIDGE: Fordie Coffey Rd., Ervin Jones Rd., Junction Rd., Cherokee, Mt. View, top of Hines Hill, Bee Rock, Lower Wolf Creek. Proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKI, PKP.


Bus # 1807


MINE 18:  Route begins on Oliver Dr. to Coal Pit Rd., then all of Mine 18 Rd.  Travels to Musgrove Rd., then turns around and goes to Bear Creek to forks of road.  Turns around and goes back to Mine 18 Rd.  Turns right onto Murphy Subdivision Rd., to the end.  Returns to Mine 18 road and travels East to Hwy. 1651 South to and including Woods Rd. Returns to 1651 North and travels to MMS, MCHS, PKP, PKI.

Bus # 2003

MARCUS CORDER • 310-9524

Route begins on Reservoir Rd. to the end, then travels to Pig Skin Rd. to the end and picks up students on Myrtle Lane.  Returns to Pig Skin and picks up students on Laurel Estates Rd.  Returns to Pig Skin and turns at Papa’s Pizza and goes back to Les Martin Rd., turns at junction. Returns to Hwy. 27 North.  Stops at Parkland Motel when necessary.  Proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKP, and PKI.

Bus # 508

STEVE SMITH • 354-3549

Route begins on Tunnel Ridge Rd., Sportsman Club Rd.  Travels back to West 92 and goes to Poplar Springs Rd., Pine Ridge Rd. loading students to Hwy. 1651, stops at Inman Neal Rd. includes Esau Ross Apt. and two houses next to Country Store.  Proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKP and PKI.

Bus # 308

JASON VAUGHN • 376-8037

Route begins on Hwy 1651 at the beginning of Woods Rd. to Mud Cut bridge. (He does not go down Woods Rd.) Next to Justus Mine Rd. and then travels to the following roads:  Journey’s End West and East, Webb Warman Hill, Newtown Rd., Old State Garage Rd., Hwy 1651, Tim Stephens Rd., and Hwy. 742,  Heron Rd. Hwy. 1651 to Sprouts Day Care.   Proceeds to West 92 to Winchester Hill and travels to 1651, making stops at Donaldson Hill, Stearns Baptist Church, Kinne Street and Golf Course Rd.  Proceeds to MMS, MCHS, PKP, and PKI. (This bus will stop at The Learning Center in the afternoon as needed.)

Bus # 408

SABINE TUCKER • 310-6194

Route begins on Owens Rd., stops at Ken Tucker Rd. to Shirt Factory Rd., then Oliver Drive. (Dump Rd. is included in this route.) Continues to East Appletree Rd., including Dinky Doo’s, then Valley Rd., Chester Ball Rd., travels to Wilburn Ross Hwy., Vina Brown Rd., and proceeds to and including Raider Way.  Unloads at MMS, MCHS, PKI, and PKP.


Bus # 1907

DOUG PATRICK • 376-2404

SAWYER AREA:  Begin at Eagle Sawyer Park, traveling to Hwy. 896.  Continue on 896 and turn left onto Rock Branch Rd., then take right fork to Marlar Cemetery Rd.  When returning to 896, take right onto Devil’s Creek, continue to Taylor Farm.  Return to 896 and travel to Gordon Taylor Rd.  loading students, then return to Hwy. 896.  Go to Hwy. 90 and travel to Kilburn Rd.  After loading students, return to Hwy. 90. Proceed to Hwy. 27.  Unload at WCE.

Bus # 1306


EAGLE / HWY. 90 AREA:  Route begins at Hwy. 90 and 700 to Thunderstruck Rd.  Then proceeds to Hwy. 90 East to Eagle Falls Resort, turn around and returns to Hwy. 90 West to Hicks-Perry Rd. Proceeds to Hwy. 90 to Eagle School Rd. Turn at end of the road. Returns to Hwy. 90 and picks up on A. Patrick Rd.  Proceeds to Slab Vanover Rd., returns to Hwy. 90 and turns right onto Carlos Vanover Rd. Returns to Hwy. 90 and proceeds to WCE, MMS and MCHS.

Bus # 1206

FAYE GOODIN • 376-5749

MILL CREEK / SAWYER AREA:  Route begins at Hwy. 1609, comes back out, turns left onto Hwy. 896.  Next is Sawyer Church Rd., and then returns to 896.  Travels 896 to Mill Creek, Dude Taylor, Hurd Ridge and Funston.  Travels to Hwy. 90.  Turn left on Bee Rock Rd. to load students.  Return to Hwy. 90 and load students from Howard Goodin’s store to Hwy. 27.  Proceeds to WCE, MMS, and MCHS.

Bus # 2004


VANOVER RIDGE AREA:  Route begins on Piney Grove Cemetery Rd., then Vanover Ridge Rd. White Pine Drive, Oak Hill Circle, Lake Drive Rd., Davis Circle Rd., Yancey Lane.  Proceeds to WCE, MMS, MCHS.

Bus # 2100

TIM LYKINS • 310-1604

BEULAH HEIGHTS AREA:  Route begins on Vanover Ridge, goes to White Pine Drive, turns and goes back to Vanover Ridge .  Then on to Jay Corder Rd., Vanover Ridge Spur to Beulah Heights.  Turns left and goes to Hwy. 700 then back to Beulah Heights to Webster Rd.  Turns and comes back to Beulah Heights.  Proceeds to WCE. MMS, MCHS.

Bus # 697



DAY RIDGE AREA:  Day Ridge Rd. to 2-mile marker, back to wooden fence before Nevelsville School Rd.  Then Albert Keith Rd., turns in field and goes to Ballou Rd., McArthur Swain house.  Next, to Scott Bolin Rd. from William Siding Rd. to Riley New Rd.  turns back to Taylor Farm, turn at the end, then to Bulldog  Strunk Rd.  Proceed to WCE.

Bus # 208


GREENWOOD AREA:  Route begins on Buck Knob Tower Rd. at last trailer on right.  Turn at Tower Rd.  then Greenwood Church Rd. Travel Church road, past the cemetery, to Phillips Ridge Rd. to the end.  Returns to Church Rd. to Lee Chapman Rd.  Next, travels to Hwy. 27 South to Charlie Hughes Rd., on right, cross railroad tracks and left on Poff Rd.  Return to Hwy. 27 South to Hwy. 927, then Old 27 to Tucker Town.  Travels up the hill, then right on Bolin Rd., to the end.  Turns and goes back to Hwy 27 South and stops at Gerald Bolin Rd. and George Dick Rd. in Flat Rock.  Proceeds to WCE.

Bus # 205

TOM KENNEDY • 376-8484

WIBORG / HWY. 1651 SOUTH MARSHES SIDING:  Route begins on Old Baptizing Hole Rd., Wiborg Loop, Harley Coffey Rd., Winding Ridge Rd., Hwy. 1651 Marshes Siding, stops at Little Lambs Daycare, to Old WCE Rd. in Whitley City.  Proceeds to WCE.

Bus # 212

GREG BURDINE • 354-1399

WILLIAMSBURG STREET:  Route begins on Williamsburg Street on Rogers Rd.  Proceeds to Acorn Lane, Selvidge Lane, Stephens Farm Rd., Lynch Rd and Church Rd.  Travels Williamsburg Street back to Hwy. 27 North to the car wash and turns left, goes to Main Street and turns left, then turns left on Hwy. 478, then right on Cain Rd.  Circles around to Hwy. 27 and goes South to Taylor Rd.  Stops across from Save A Lot then proceeds to Big M Plaza to old post office and then proceeds to Lumber King parking lot.  Returns to Hwy 27 North to Whitley Elementary.

Bus # 1406

CHRIS MORGAN • 310-8003

BEAR WALLOW:  Route begins at 0 mile marker on Peel Dogwood & New Liberty Rd.  Proceeds to Williamsburg Street to Watters Ridge Rd.  Comes back out to Williamsburg Street to Selvidge Lane.  Travels to Hwy. 27 North to WCE and then MMS and MCHS.

Bus # 9904


MARSHES SIDING:  Lick Creek Rd., Doc Jones Rd., Holloway Cemetery Rd., Old Bailey Rd., Hwy. 1651 picking up students at apartments across from Dairy Bar and through town.  Travels  to old WCE and Cobblestone Trailer Park, then turn right to Hwy. 27 North  to WCE, then MMS, MCHS.


MARSHES SIDING, ALUM RD:  Travels Hwy 700 – Alum Rd. to bus turn around and comes back to Fanchester Heights.  Travels to and turns right on Lick Creek Rd., continue to and turn right on West Ridge Rd.  Returns to Lick Creek Rd. and travels to Hwy. 700 picking up students across tracks to Hwy. 27 North.  Proceeds to Sandhill to Hatfield Subdivision, Taylor Rd. (Old Mines Rd), then Jenny’s Branch and on to WCE, MMS, and MCHS.

Bus # 9905

JASON BELL • 310-1408

SANDHILL:   Route begins on Hinkleville Rd. and travels back to Sand Hill West picking up students on Taz Rd., Catron, Horne, Hens Nest, Peel Dogwood Rds. and makes a stop at T-Branch Rd. and continues on Sand Hill Rd. to Brownie Duncan Rd. Transports students to WCE.

Bus # 108


West Williamsburg Street to 1651 South to Dixie Loop to Country Store.  Turns and travels north on 1651 picking up students to and including State Garage Rd.  Goes to US 27 North to Strunk Ridge Rd.  Travels to Ross Howard Rd., Black Walnut Rd., Rebecca Lane.  Picks up students on Strunk Ridge to the end.  Returns to US 27 North to Whitley Elementary.  Then travels to McCreary Middle and McCreary Central.


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