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Catch of the Day

Blue skies, a freshly stocked catfish pond, and the sound of Edsel Blevins picking his banjo awaited eager clients from the Horizon Adult Health Center as they arrived at the Barren Fork Fishing Pond for the third annual adult fishing derby sponsored by the U. S. Forest Service-Stearns Ranger District.  The derby is designed


by local Forest Service personnel to target adults who would not normally get an opportunity to fish.  For many of those participating in the event, it is their first time to fish, and for others, it provides an opportunity to reconnect with a favorite activity from their past.

With staff from the Forest Service and Department of Fish and Wildlife helping, as needed, with the baiting of hooks and reeling in of catfish, the adult participants enthusiastically caught enough fish to take back to the Horizon facility for a fish fry.


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