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Shawn Frazee is a true McCreary Center success story

By: Eugenia Jones

The McCreary Center can proudly point to Shawn Frazee as one example of a local student who chose the McCreary Center of Somerset Community College to successfully further his education.

Shawn, who graduated from McCreary Central in 2009, attended the Center and received an Associate of Science degree and an Associate of Applied Science in Physical Therapy.  He is now completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science at Western Kentucky University and plans to apply for physical therapy school to complete a Doctorate.

Shawn said he received practically all of his prerequisite classes at the McCreary Center and spoke frankly in saying that his choice to attend the Center was financially driven.

“I didn’t qualify for a lot of financial aid so I knew I could attend the Center at less cost and still get a good education while taking advantage of the Center’s smaller class sizes.  I would recommend the Center to anyone for their first two years because it makes the transition to a larger campus so much easier.”

Frazee spoke positively of serving as a McCreary Center delegate for the student government.

“I served as a delegate because the majority of my classes were at the Center, and I lived here in McCreary County.  We worked to help set up events and clubs as well as improve student involvement at the Center.”

Frazee also pointed out that delegates are eligible for twelve hours of tuition-waived classes for two semesters.

“That was a big help,” Frazee stated.

In addition to his studies, Frazee works with physical therapy for HTS which contracts out to rehabilitation and nursing homes in Kentucky and Indiana.  He also works a second job at Lighthouse Physical Therapy.

“I enjoy what I do because I feel like I help make a positive change for the patients by using exercise instead of drugs,” Frazee commented.  “I like knowing my patients.”

In his rare, spare time, Frazee maintains a third degree Black Belt in martial arts and enjoys geocaching.

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