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New family, same name, same service

By: Greg Bird


The staff of Pine Knot Funeral Home and McCreary Funeral Home: (Back row L-R) Dan Ridener, Gene Goodman, Pat Crabtree. (Front row) Pat King, Cleda Gray, Sue Ellen Ridener, Jim Murphy, Debbie Murphy, Israel Clark, Gidget Slaven and Tim Corder.

The torch has been passed, bringing new leadership to a 42-year-old family run business.

Debbie and Jim Murphy, owners of the Pine Knot Funeral Home, announced last week the acquisition of the McCreary County Funeral Home, bringing together two families as one.

The Murphy’s released a statement announcing the change in ownership, and promising to continue the traditions and values held by the past owners, Maxine and Jimmy Waters.

“Jimmy and Maxine have taken this road of their journey as far as they can go. We feel so blessed that they have entrusted us to carry on their legacy.”

“McCreary County is our home and the people are our family. We will strive to treat everyone with the grace and dignity that is expected of the McCreary County Funeral Home.”

“Our families can expect to see the same faces. Staff will share time between Pine Knot Funeral Home and McCreary County Funeral Home.”

“Dan Ridener and Gene Goodman will assume the helm as General Managers. Both Dan and Gene have years of experience and both are dual licensed professionals.”

The Murphys officially took over operations last week, combining aspects of the staffs from both facilities to ensure a smooth transition.

Maxine Waters had been a part of the McCreary County Funeral Home since its beginning in 1972. She took over ownership in 2001, and together with her husband, Jimmy, were partners in running the funeral home until last week.

Goodman and Ridener will serve as General Manager with Tim Corder and Pat Crabtree serving as Funeral Directors.  Israel Clark and Gidget Slaven are also on staff.

The Pine Knot Funeral Home has been serving the community since 1994, with Debbie Murphy involved in the family-owned business since its inception. She and her husband Jim are co-owners and run the day-to-day operation along with General Manager Ridener, Funeral Director Assistant Sue Ellen Ridener, Assistant Pat King and Attendant Cleda Gray.

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