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OC Tax shows another upswing

By: Greg Bird

The McCreary County Occupational Tax Office is reporting another above average month for tax receipts.

A total of $53,949.75 was collected in August, with $50,277.90 being transferred to the General Fund after deductions for salaries and expenses.

The two-month total collected so far in the current fiscal year is $184,077, about $8,000 more than over the same period for the past two fiscal years.

If collections maintain the average of about $97,000 per month established so far, total collections for the year could amount to about $1,160,000, more than the $900,000 projected in the budget.

Traditionally, September is not a strong month for collections, averaging only approximately $8,000 for the past two years. Prior to 2012 the Occupational Tax was reported quarterly instead of monthly.

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