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OC Tax rises in October

By: Greg Bird

Occupational Tax receipts for the month of October show a slight increase over last year, and an overall gain over the first four months of the fiscal year.
According to the Judge Executive’s Office, $95,901.80 was collected over the month, about $3,000 more than October of last year and $18,000 more than two years ago.
Totals for the first quarter of the fiscal year show a slight improvement over the same period last year. In 2013 a total of $285,839.87 was collected from July through October. In 2014 $296,038.79 was brought in, an increase of over $10,000, or more than 4 percent.
The amount generated to date averages about $74,000 per month, which would bring in a net of $888,108 for the full year if the trend continues – about $70,000 less than what is projected in the current year’s budget.
However, the months of January, February and April historically have produced revenues well above the average, and could make up the possible shortfall.

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