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How to Cook a Turkey – Recipes from some 1st & 2nd graders

First I go buy the turkey. second I stuff the turkey with candy. Then I smack it like a pinati. Last I eat the candy in the turkey.


For Thanksgiving, I go to my nanny’s house to eat.  Then I go to my grandma’s house and eat.  Then I eat at home.  To fix Thanksgiving dinner, you kill a turkey and stuff it.  Then put it in the stove and cook it.   I am thankful for God.


You have to cuc Thanksgiving Dinner.  You selubrate by eating turkey.  I am thankful 4 the food.  To cuc turkey you put it in the stove and cuc it 435 sics.  Take it awt and then eat it.


To fix Thanksgiving Dinner, you buy a turkey and you cok it.  Then you eat it.  We have family over and eat lots of food.  I am thankful for God.

Lacey’s Mashed Potatoes

1.  Get a poatoe.

2.  Mash the potatoes.

3.  Put milk in them.

4.  Stir them.

5.  Eat mashed potatoes.


I will dress him in camouflage a hunter can’t see him.


Go to the stor and pick out a turkey.  Oven for 300 minits.


How to fix a turkey – We use a cook book

What do you do for Thanksgiving? Eat with my family

What are you thankful for? Our food


Frist I tak the turkey out fo the sak and I git rede you need a big plat, poot, solt, peper. Next I pot the poot no the sov and then tren it up to hi intill 3- minits with the turkey. Then win it is doun pot it on the palat and cot it up. thas how to cook a turkey.


Today I whent to get a turkey, and then I whent home. And then we started to cook it,but we had to skin it, and we put it in a pot and make it where the turkey can fit in the.Rite shape, and size, and the stuff it. and then you put it in the oven, and then you can put nother stuff with it, And then you can put some helthy stuff with the turkey and when the Turkey is done you gather the family at the table.


First you gitt out the ingredengs. Then you get out the pan. Then You put in on the pan. Then You turn the oven on and let it warm up. Then You put the ingredengrs in. Then you put it in the oven and let it cook for 30 minutes. Then you take it out and you put it on the talde. 

Love Breann

Stick it in the even. Win it is done take it out.


I would go to the woods with a shot gun and a turkey call. Then call in the turkey to shoot it. when it comes in sight ill get my gun loaded and ready to shoot it. Boom! I run, get it and take it home. Next comes the job of plucking all the feathers and take all the insides out! Yuck! Finally I clean the turkey. now I preheat the oven and wait for it to get to 450. then put it in the oven and wait 4 hours. when it is brown it is done. now take it out and wait it to cool. Nex stuff it with mustard. And then eat. Yummy to my tummy!


I go to the wos to hunt for a turkey. I go to the wos to kech a turkey.


First we put candy on it second we put it in the oven then we take it out of the oven last we all eat the turkey


First I kill the turkey. second I skin the turkey. then I put stufen it in. last I put it in the oven for 100 sec. Then I eat it. it is good. I love it so much and my family does to. We eat it like a turkey. Yum e . . . . . the turkey said do not kill me.


First I go to by the turky and then I smack it with a baseball bat.


You sloder it then you put it cooking pot then you put some hot water in a pot then you put it on the stove an put the ingrediens in it 


First you wash it, then you cook it, then you eat it. 


Thaw the turkey out, give it a bath, put the dressing ni, then put it in the oven. Cook it all night – then we eat it.


I will dress her in a funny princess dress.


I will dress her in a wedding dress.


I will dress him like a deer hunter.


I am a little good black goose. – Daylan

Buy a big Fat Turkey. Thaw it out, bake it in the oven for a few hours. Take it out of the oven and let it cool and slice it up with a big knife. Serve it on a plate with gravy if you like. – Hannah

Turkey is goh to eat. I like turkey. – Addy

open him up and give him a bath. Put the stuffing mix in the big paist and bake him for a long, long time. Then you call everybody to come and eat. – Tiffany

Today I am going to tell you How to cook a Truky. First buy a Turky then git stuffin put it in the turky then put it in the uven then get the time and when the ceper gose off that is when it is done then get it out and remember to pray to God then you can eat.


First you need a turkey. then you take out the heart and feet and take the feathers off. Next you take out the stuffing in the turkey. next you put pepper and salt on the turkey. then you bake the turkey for one hour. Then pull it out of the oven and then you have you a turkey for Thanksgiveing. 


You get some turkey cut it up. Put some gres on it. Then you cook it to 40 agrees. That’s how you bake a Turkey.


The First thing you do is Go Hunting in the woods and kill the turkey. Next: you skin and take the Feathers. Then: you but it in boiling water in keep it in for 6Hours. last: when you are about to eat say preyers and then you eat.


Finst I shoot iI. Secound we tcack the deataers out. than we cook it. Last we eat it.


Frist I kill a turkey and then fx fix it in the oven so I get aenyon and kill it.


You take the wrapping and put it in the roast pot and put it in the butt and pull it’s stuffing and clean it and put it in the oven 


My mom and I went to get a turkey. We are going to bake it. I like my turkey with salt, butter, and a little bit of pepper. When the turkey is done I would put it on a platter and carve it. When all of that is finished my family and I would sit down at the table and thank God for our blessings and enjoy. Thats how I would prepare a turkey for Thanksgiving. – Audne

My way, go kill a turkey, chop off his head. Jerk all his feathers out, finish chopping of his neck, reach into his body cavity, pullout the heart, gizzard and liver, lay aside for gravey later. Wash Turkey inside and outside (no soap) just water. Pre-heat oven to 350. Genevously rub butter all over Turkey cover and bake about 3 1/2 hours. If you can eat it, good luck.  – Jacob

You put the turkey in a pan. Then you give the turkey a shot. It does not hurt the turkey cause the turkey is not alive. Then you turn the oven on 34 degrees and put butter all over his body like lotion. You let him cooks for 2 days until he is done. – Kylee

Me and my dad go out and hunt for a turkey once we harvest. me and my dad clean it we bring it to my mom to prepare it for cooking. Once my mom gets the turkey done we all sit down for Thanksgiving dinner. And is the Best dinner in the whole wide world. Then we go to my nans for a turkey, yummy! – Turman


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