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Inmate who “walked” away from USP McCreary indicted

By: Greg Bird

Delman Davis, along with a second inmate at USP McCreary, were indicted by a federal Grand Jury last week in connection with their attempted escape from the facility last August.

Davis, 42, was serving 21 years for a 2007 Conspiracy to Distribute Cocaine conviction, and was being housed in the low-security camp adjacent to the prison.

According to the McCreary County Sheriff’s Department at the time of the escape, Deputy Jerry Meadows arrested a Tennessee woman on the morning of the escape after she reportedly picked up an inmate from the camp. The deputy was informed Prison Correctional Officers observed the inmate return to the facility in Phillips’ vehicle and detained both individuals.

At the time of her arrest Phillips admitted she had picked up Davis on Clear Creek Drive, which runs adjacent to the prison, and taken him to Parkland Motel. About an hour later the couple returned to the prison and were taken into custody.

Along with Davis, a second inmate, identified as Corey Adam Baker, 29, was also indicted by the Grand Jury on similar charges stemming from the same date.

Baker was serving 14 months in prison after having his probation revoked. He was convicted in London, Kentucky, of conspiracy to manufacture marijuana.

The indictments do not provide further details of the escape.

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