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PVA audit clean

By: Greg Bird

The annual audit of the McCreary County PVA Office found no irregularities in the day-to-day operations of the office and found no issues with the office’s finances and record keeping.

Performed by the Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts Office, auditors examined the receipts ledger, payments to the Fiscal Court, random disbursements, budget and other financial aspects of the office and found them to be in full compliance with applicable laws and with no material weaknesses.

PVA Bruce Lominac stated he was proud of the audit findings, noting it was a reflection of the dedication and professionalism of his staff.

‘It has always been our goal to run this office with efficiency and maximize the use of what  little money we receive,” Lominac said. “We have a responsibility to all the citizens to be precise with our record keeping and be transparent in everything we do.”

A full copy of the 2013-14 McCreary County PVA Audit can be viewed at:

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