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Corder Named as State Fish & Wildlife Management Foreman of 2014

By: Eugenia Jones

McCreary County’s George Corder of Funston has been honored by the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife as Kentucky’s 2014 Fish and Wildlife Management Foreman of the Year.  As a twenty-six year employee, George has advanced from a part-time technician to a wildlife management foreman at the Beaver Creek Wildlife Management Area (BCWMA) in McCreary and Pulaski Counties.  In his position, George supervises and conducts all wildlife management work, operations, and maintenance on the 17,753 acre wildlife area.  His duties include management of wildlife openings and supervision of the area’s quota deer hunt.  Additionally, George assists on several other wildlife management areas throughout the region and helps with private land projects by addressing wild hog removal and providing assistance to biologists.  George assists with nuisance wildlife complaints including bear issues and is responsible for several state and federal surveys of wildlife.  His survey experiences include surveys of bald eagles, wood ducks, wood cocks, deer, and dove.  He is responsible for the improvement of wildlife habitat through the creation of habitats and development of wildlife openings and food plots.

In honoring George as the state’s Wildlife Management Area Foreman of the Year, officials recognized George as being “one of those rare individuals who knows how to do everything.  Whether we need to plant, repair, plan, build, or tear down, George not only knows what to do, he knows how to do it well.”

Working as a foreman for a wildlife management area comes naturally to George since he has a lifelong love of the outdoors.

“You do this job because you like it,” Corder commented.  “When I was growing up, our vacations were basically about being outdoors enjoying nature.  You didn’t go to Florida or Pigeon Forge.  Vacations were all about being home and being outdoors.”

Corder’s supervisor, SE Wildlife Region Coordinator Steve Beam, commented on George’s personality and work ethic.

“George is one of the most laid back guys you will meet.  He takes his work seriously but always has fun and everyone enjoys being around him,” Beam remarked.  “So much of our work is outside and often under less than ideal working conditions.  I have worked with George when we have been wet, cold, hot, or tired.  It doesn’t matter to him; he is always the same upbeat guy regardless of what is going on around him.  He is also conscientious regarding how he spends the money budgeted for his Wildlife Management Areas.  I can tell that he considers it the sportsmen and women’s money and he treats it that way.  I am so happy he is getting this recognition for his hard work and dedication.”

Kyle Burnett, who works with George on an almost daily basis, agrees that his boss is a great guy.

“I’d have to say he’s the best boss I’ve ever worked for and that’s the truth,” Burnett noted.  “He truly deserves this award.”

Mike Strunk, a Kentucky Fish and Wildlife biologist who also works with George almost daily, commented about his own admiration for Corder.

“George is one of those invaluable employees who is always there to help,” Strunk remarked.  “I’m truly envious of George because he has taken part in some of the most notable and beneficial conservation projects Kentucky has ever seen-from the restoration of white-tailed deer to wild turkey to the reintroduction of wild Elk back in to the state”

In receiving the award, George recognized the folks he works with at Kentucky Fish and Wildlife and those at the BCWMA.

“I work with a great group of people, and I’m really honored they chose me for this award.”

Corder is married to his wife Judy, and he is the father of two children, George and Jessica.

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