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Cost Share Help for First Time Bee Keepers

Greg Whitis – McCreary County Extension Office

Grow Appalachia has provided funds through the Big South Fork Beekeepers to assist local individuals who would be first time bee keepers.  The Big South Fork Beekeepers will be acting on behalf of the Grow Appalachia in this endeavor.

Funds for this program are limited so number of participants is limited. Funds will be on a re-imbursement basis.  Grow Appalachia will not reimburse over fifty percent of the total cost. The maximum cost share will be $250. Successful applicants can expect to invest approximately $250 to $300 of their own money to get started.

The number one guideline is successful applicants must have never had honey bees before.  This program is for first time beekeepers only. Husband and wife can apply together. Participants must be from Scott County, TN or McCreary County, KY.

Participants will be interviewed by a committee of beekeepers. Participants must complete an application.

The Grow Appalachia will provide the hive tool, bee brush, excluder, frame holder, top feeder, gloves, smoker, and suit. At the end of the first year if the participant chooses not to continue beekeeping the above listed equipment will be returned to Grow Appalachia.

The participants will provide the money to purchase all wooden ware, foundation, bees, professional journals and the $10 membership to the Big South Fork Beekeepers Club. These items will be bulk ordered by the Big South Fork Beekeepers.

Participants must attend some educational sessions.  Participants should also attend the South East KY Be School February 7th, 2015 at the Whitley County High School in Williamsburg. Participants will become a member of the Big South Fork Beekeepers Club or Scott County Beekeepers.

Participants will be mentored by an experienced beekeeper(s) and will meet with them on a regular basis. Participants will allow the mentor(s) to have access to the bee hive in their presence.

Participants are also encouraged to attend bee schools, field days, etc.

Participants must follow Kentucky State University Beekeeping Guidelines and guidelines from the Ky State Apiarist.

Applications can be picked up at the McCreary County Extension Office or the Scott County, TN Extension Office beginning January 13 at 8:00 am and completed application must be turned back in at the McCreary County Extension Office by Wednesday January 28th at 4:00 pm.

For more information contract Greg Whitis at the McCreary County Extension Service at 376-2524.

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