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Jailer taking share of transports

McCreary County still may be without a jail, but Jailer Jessie Hatfield is living up to one of his main campaign promises – transporting prisoners.

According to information released by Judge Executive Doug Stephens a total of 131 prisoners were transported in January in 99 separate runs. Hatfield was listed as conducting the transport on 33 of the runs, with the remainder being divided among the rest of the Transport Officers and McCreary County Sheriff’s Office.
(Six prisoners were transported by Deputies on five separate runs.)

Hatfield conducted a third of all total runs in his first month in office, 33 separate runs, and in doing so eased some of the financial burden on the County.

While transport totals were slightly above average compared to the last quarter, the presence of the Jailer has cut costs slightly.

By comparison, over the previous three months an average of 109 prisoners had been transported using over 70 runs each month.

With Transport Officers being paid $50 for each run, the cost in transports alone for those three months averaged about $3,650 per month, compared to just $3,300 in January.

“I’m just doing the best I can do,” Hatfield said Tuesday.

With four part time transport officers serving under Hatfield, he stated he mainly covered the daytime shift, but answers all calls when another driver isn’t available.

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