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Fiscal Court facing personnel issues

The McCreary County Fiscal Court is expected to discuss at least two personnel matters at this week’s Fiscal Court meeting.

The first centers around the vacant Tourism Director position.

Director Tara Chaney announced her resignation from the post last December, and the Tourism Office has been without leadership since then. Last month members of the McCreary County Tourism Board asked the Court to appoint a new Director to the post, or risk losing the momentum the position had gained under Chaney.

The request spurred a debate among magistrates, with Roger Phillips suggesting the position be merged with the Economic Development Director position. Phillips stated he believed the two positions were “similar.” Magistrate Jason Mann also had concerns over the cost of filling both positions, and wondered if it were economically feasible at this time to find another full-time director.

County Attorney Conley Chaney is expected to advise the Court on the possibility of merging the two positions at the meeting.

Economic Development Director Susan Stephens urged the Court not to merge the positions, stating the jobs required full time attention for each, and combining them would prove to be a setback for the county in both roles.

According to the official salary schedule for the Fiscal Court, the Tourism Director position was allocated $27,503 for salary this fiscal year, while Economic Development was allocated just over $38,000 for salary.

Another issue due before the Court Thursday is the County Finance Officer position.
Reports last week stated Candace Greene-Bridgeman had been terminated from the position, which she had held for the past seven years.

Citing privacy concerns McCreary County Judge Executive Doug Stephens could not directly speak to the decision, but did confirm the position would be vacant as of this Friday.

Stephens stated last fall his intention was to begin looking at staffing throughout the county departments in an effort to find ways to reorganize and “find ways to do better” in light of budget restrictions.

It is unclear what the Fiscal Court intends to do with the vacant position. They could consider hiring another full time, or part time person to fill the slot.

The Finance Officer’s salary is reported as just over $25,000 annually.

The Fiscal Court will meet this evening (Thursday) at 7:00 p.m. in the Fiscal Court room at the Courthouse.

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