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Officers recover stolen trailer

McCreary County Sheriff’s Deputies Odell Smith and Ethan Jones helped Hardin County police recover a stolen trailer containing over $30,000 worth of tools and equipment last week.

According to the arrest citation the Sheriff’s Department had received a call from the Hardin County Sheriff’s Department concerning the theft of the enclosed trailer in the previous days, and they had reason to believe it could be in McCreary County.
Deputy Smith noted he had observed a trailer matching the description of the stolen unit the previous day pull in to the Valero Convenience store.

The officers went to the store and reviewed security camera footage and were able to identify a suspect in the case.

Deputies Smith and Jones went to a local residence where they spotted a white GMC Yukon that matched the description of the vehicle seen in the camera footage.
Inside the residence the officers found Angela M. Perkins, 30, wearing the same clothing she had on in the security footage.

Perkins, of White Mills, reportedly admitted she had traveled with another suspect from their home in Elizabethtown to McCreary County with the stolen trailer. She led the officers to another residence where the trailer was located and recovered.

Perkins was arrested and charged with Receiving Stolen Property over $10,000.
The second suspect in the case is being sought at this time.

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