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First look at County budget

McCreary County Magistrates will get a first look at the proposed 2015-16 budget during Thursday night’s regular scheduled meeting. McCreary County Judge Executive released a tentative copy of the draft budget to the Voice Tuesday morning.

According to a first draft of the budget, County officials are expecting an increase in General Fund receipts of about $130,000 over last year, mainly due to increases in Occupational Tax collections and Ambulance Service receipts.

Though the budget is a living document, and can undergo many changes between now and the final approval, significant changes are not expected when the Fiscal Court begins the approval process Thursday. The court is expected to take a first reading of the budget, making changes if needed this month, then a second reading in June before sending the budget to Frankfort.

A total of $2,815,424 in General Fund receipts is expected for the next fiscal year, about $130,000 more than last year’s estimate of $2,682,035.

The budget shows a $30,000 decrease in expected Payment in Lieu of Taxes from three sources. Payments from the Kentucky State Treasurer and TVA are projected to remain steady at $55,000, but the payment from the Department of the Interior is expected to decrease by about $10,000.

The expected PILT payment from the U.S. Forest Service shows a marked decrease, down to $75,000 from $115,000 – but it is interesting to note that it is considerably higher than the county received this year after the bill supporting PILT payments expired in Congress. Judge Executive Doug Stephens stated there is still action in Washington that may re -fund the program, and was advised to factor that funding into the new budget.

The allocations for the Road Fund are budgeted to decrease by about $400,000 for the fiscal year stemming from an expected decrease in funding through the state and federal programs.

Jail Fund expenditures are expected to increase again this coming fiscal year, with $747,100 allocated to the Jailer, his staff, prisoner housing and other expenditures.

The main cause for the increase is an estimated $50,000 additional cost to house inmates in other facilities.

More than $512,000 of the $747,000 Jail Fund budget is allocated toward housing.

The majority of the funding for the Jail Fund expenses will come from Occupational Tax funds. $600,000 of the income is listed as Transfer from Other Funds (General).

The 911 Fund will see a reduction in expected revenue as well, mainly reflecting the $70,000 grant received by the department this year to purchase new equipment.

Expected revenues from the 911 surcharge on land-line phones is expected to drop $15,000 this year, down to $135,000. In contrast, fees received from cellular phone usage is expected to bring in $110,000 for the fiscal year, up $10,000 from last year.

An additional $80,000 is budgeted to be transferred from the General Fund to assist with the operation of the 911 Center. Only $50,000 of General Funds were budgeted to be transferred last year.

One item of interest in the budget is the removal of a $6,600 line item for the Narcotics Enforcement, an allotment for the Lake Cumberland Area Drug Task Force.

Last year the item was eliminated from the budget, but Magistrates requested it be put back. One stipulation of the funding was to have regular reports from LCAD to the Fiscal Court so they could see how the money was being used. Over the past year no public presentation from representatives from LCAD occurred at any Fiscal Court meeting.

The McCreary County Fiscal Court is scheduled to meet tonight, May 14, at 6:00 p.m. in the Fiscal Court room.

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