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Opening rounds served at Stearns

More than six months after the historic vote that would allow the Stearns Historical District to sell alcoholic drinks, the first beverages were officially served this past weekend as part of the Moonshine Limited special event.

Becki Egnew, Operations Manager for the Big South Fork Scenic Railway, said 36 guests attended the event Saturday and called it a “success.”

Guests from as far away from England enjoyed a fine dining experience and enjoyed wine from the Lake Cumberland Winery in Wayne County.

A total of four wines were featured, with a maximum of two servings allowed for the event.

Last November 53.2 percent of voters in the historic district approved the measure to allow limited alcohol sales by the drink within the four-acre confines of the district – comprised of the six buildings in downtown Stearns.

The historic district obtained a qualified historic site license from the state allowing the sale by the drink at premises listed on the national register of historic places on June 6.

With the first serving under their belt, other special events were in the making, including a second Moonshine Limited run on August 1. The Whistle Stop Café will soon re-open on a limited basis with Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinners being served. Lunch/brunch will also be offered starting Sunday, July 12, but no alcohol sales will be permitted on Sundays.

The dining room will also be open for the Fourth of July celebration this weekend, but alcohol will not be served

The license will also allow the historic site to potentially operate a “beer tent” during special events.

This was the first legal sale of alcohol in McCreary County since the 1950’s.

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