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Reward offered in hit and run

A McCreary County woman is in critical condition after being struck by a vehicle Saturday night on Beulah Heights Road.

Kylie Ball was airlifted to the University of Kentucky Medical Center in critical condition after being hit by a vehicle driven by an unknown individual, who left the scene and is being sought by authorities.

According to McCreary County Deputy Odell Smith, who is conducting the investigation into the incident, it is believed Ball was struck around 11:03 p.m. Saturday night. The young woman was apparently on the phone with her mother at the time of the collision, and had stated she had stopped to tend to a pair of kittens she had spotted on the road. At 11:03 the phone went dead, and investigators believe that is when the accident occurred.

Investigators suspect a second vehicle, possibly a pickup, was traveling westbound when it crested the hill and possibly spotted Ball’s vehicle, which was stopped in the eastbound lane with the high beams of the headlights on. It appears the driver may have swerved to the right to avoid the open door and failed to see Ball on or near the side of the road.

About 20 minutes later a passing motorist spotted her vehicle parked in the road and a cell phone on the roadway and called 911 to alert authorities of the obstruction.

After law enforcement arrived a few minutes later the young victim was spotted, more than 40 feet away from her vehicle and about 15 feet from the side of the road lying along the tree line.

Ball reportedly suffered severe internal injuries and several broken bones, including ribs, pelvis and hip. She continues to be treated at the Lexington hospital for her injuries.

Why the driver didn’t stop to render aid is the big question Ball’s family is asking.

Her father, Wesley, was with investigators at the scene of the accident Monday and offered a $5,000 reward for information to the identity of the driver of the vehicle that hit his daughter.

“I can see it was possibly an accident,” he said. “But to run off and leave her, that I can’t understand.”

Her family has also started a GoFundMe account under the name Kare4Kylie. Over $1,000 has been raised so far to offset the medical costs and other expenses for her family.

McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters asked the Kentucky State Police to assist in the investigation and Accident Reconstructionist Craig Reed visited the scene of the accident Monday to look for additional evidence and offer advice on how the investigation should proceed.

Authorities are contacting body shops, both locally and in surrounding counties to see if any vehicles with front-end damage have been brought in over the past few days. Additionally, plans are underway to subpoena cell phone records to see what phone numbers accessed a nearby cell tower around the time of the accident.

Anyone with any information about the identity of the driver or the vehicle that hit Ball are asked to contact the McCreary County Sheriff’s Department at (606) 376-2232, the Kentucky State Police (606) 878-6622 or McCreary County 911.

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