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Rite Aid break-in investigated

The McCreary County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an attempted break-in at Rite Aid pharmacy Monday morning.

The would-be thieves apparently tried to make entry into the rear of the building by removing sheet metal siding and trying to push through dry wall on the interior of the pharmacy at the back of the store.

The action set off the alarm, which may have scared the robbers away before they were able to physically enter the pharmacy.

The attempted break in is similar to another attempt in September of last year where thieves managed to enter the building at the same location, but were unable to make off with any contraband before the alarm alerted law enforcement.

Two people were arrested in connection with a third robbery at the store in October 2012. Those suspects managed to get in to the pharmacy and collected more than $14,000 worth of drugs, but dropped their loot when officers arrived.

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