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County Ambulance Service leading license plate drive

McCreary County EMS Director Jimmy Barnett said he was inspired to start the drive after realizing emergency medical personnel did not have their own specialty license plate.

“Volunteer firefighters, law enforcement and military all have their own special plates, so I thought why not emergency medical workers,” he said.

McCreary County Clerk Eric Haynes helped Barnett get in contact with the state transportation cabinet, and got the project started.

Barnett said to make the special plate he will need to get 900 commitments to purchase the plate, at a cost of $25 over the usual registration fees.

Word of the drive has already been widespread with over 63,000 views of the posting on the McCreary Ambulance Service’s Facebook page. Barnett stated he will be sending notices to ambulance services and to EMS workers throughout the state to hopefully get the required number of commitments.

If enough sign up to receive the special plate, it will continue to be offered when applying for new plates.

Barnett asks anyone interested in signing up for the new plate to send a $25 money order, along with pertinent information to the McCreary County Ambulance Service, xxx, Whitley City, Kentucky, 42653.

Once 900 commitments have been received, Barnett will submit all applications, including fees to the Transportation Cabinet. All that signed up will then receive a notice their plates will be at their local county clerk office.

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