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The Little Church Without A Steeple

Often referred to as “the little church in the Pine Knot Cemetery,” Pine Knot Free Will Baptist Church was established in 1942 with current property deeded to the Church in 1946.  The church house was built by Edgar Baltimore, Othel Coffey, and Clarence Perry.  Perry would eventually pastor at the church.  Since its beginning, the church building lacked a steeple to house and protect the original church bell.  That situation recently changed when Travis Moore, assisted by his brothers in the Church, sketched and constructed a steeple to place on top of the church house.  The RECC bucket lift was used to place the steeple on the building.

The first pastor of Pine Knot Free Will Baptist was Bill Childers, followed by Clarence Perry, Carl Patrick of Williamsburg, Millard Wright, and Larry Whitehead.  Boyd Rowe is the current pastor of the Church.  The late Bella Stephens, who passed away at the age of 98, held the oldest membership in the church.  Stephens was a member of the Church from its inception in 1942 until her death in 2007 for a total of sixty-five years of membership.  Currently, Brenda Wright Moore, has the longest consecutive membership with fifty years.

According to Wright Moore, the church is a friendly place known for its hugs.

“We’re huggers,” Moore said.  “We hug everybody!”

Church services are as follows:

Sunday School-10:00 a.m.        Sunday Church-11:00 a.m.         Sunday Night Services-6:00 p.m.      Thursday Night Services-  7:00 p.m.

March through October-Singings are held on the fourth Saturday night.


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