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Carrying the Cross

IMG_0622Pastor Daniel (Byrd) from Delaware walked through McCreary County for the second time in four years on another one of his continual journeys to carry a large cross throughout the Midwest, South, and East Coast and encourage Christians by telling them not to worry because God takes care of it all.

He was recently spotted traveling north to south on U.S. 27 and stopped to rest at the U.S. Forest Service gazebo as a beautiful butterfly rested on his backpack.

Pastor Daniel travels with no particular destination in mind.

“I circle around here and there,” he remarked.  “I have no particular destination.  I can’t do that with the Lord.  This is something He wants me to do, and I can’t tell him no.”

Byrd reassures Christians and prays for a lot of people he meets a long the way.

When asked to share his most negative experience, Byrd responded with a big grin.

“I won’t give credit to anything negative because there’s not anything the Lord can’t handle.”

For Byrd, one of the most rewarding aspects of his journeys has been speaking to young people.


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