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Board of Education Meets for Regular Meeting

In September’s regular session, the McCreary County Board of Education met to address a variety of routine matters.

Actions by consent, including several requests for school fundraisers and field trips, approval of individual school fee schedules, and the creation of three LBB teaching positions, were approved by the Board.  Requested approval for an independent contractor agreement to replace the full time Director of Special Education position with a part time independent contractor was drawn out of the consent items to allow for discussion before receiving a vote.  The agreement for an independent contractor was eventually approved by a 3-1 vote with 3rd District Board Member Roxanne Shook voting against.  According to the new agreement, the independent contractor will work with pay in the McCreary County District for up to 120 days per year and receive an additional stipend of $2,000 for emergency services or consultation as needed by the District on days the contractor is not scheduled to be in the District.  Acting Superintendent Michael Cash stated the move from a full time position to a part time independent contractor will save the Central Office over $40,000 per year.  The full time Director of Special Education position was previously held by Jenny Wilson Davis who retired pending litigation against the Board.

In other action, the Board approved the schematic design of the McCreary Central High School softball and baseball fieldhouse, pending approval by the Kentucky Department of Education (KDE.)  The Title 9 facility will include locker rooms, concession areas, coach’s office, and other amenities for girls’ softball.

1st District Board Member Nelda Gilreath inquired about the status of proposed batting cages at the High School.  Superintendent Cash explained the initial plan for elaborate batting cages was not approved by KDE (due to a lack of structural details in the plan) and indicated the project will be resubmitted based on recommendations from coaches who desire a more simple batting facility.  Donations received from the community for the original project will be returned to the donors.

The Board also approved payment for work on the McCreary Central High School gym floor project.  Superintendent Cash urged members of the community to visit the high school gym to see work completed in the facility.  Cash stated the revitalized gym floor is “something to be proud of.”

The band, choir, academic team, and Raider team were given a reason to smile as the Board voted to grant them $500 each to help cover costs for trips involving competitions.

In Community Communications, the Board heard from parent and coach’s wife, Carla Privett, in regard to the need for funding for the elementary football team.  Two groups of Girl Scouts/Brownies were recognized for their charitable efforts within the community.

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