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Theft ring busted

McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters is reporting a major break in several cases of robberies that have been reported in the county recently.

Two suspects were arrested Thursday morning, and a third is being sought, after reportedly attempting to rob a residence of Highway 1651.

According to Sheriff Waters, Michael C. Miller, 20, and Ronald E. Ellis, 22, both of Revelo, were arrested after being observed running from a home after attempting to steal various items and load them on a truck.

The arrest report noted the homeowner had returned to his residence around 6:15 a.m. when he noticed several of his possessions in his yard. As he called 911 to report the incident, three subjects ran from his basement door and attempted to flee. The homeowner managed to catch one of the suspects, Ellis, and hold him until police arrived.

Ellis reportedly informed police of the names of the other two individuals who were with him at the time of the robbery.

The second individual was apprehended a short while later after officers located his truck parked a little ways up the road.

The third subject is being sought, and a warrant has been taken out against him.

The items taken from the residence, along with items from other suspected robberies have been recovered and will be returned to the rightful owners.

Sheriff Waters said the three suspects can be linked to a series of similar robberies in the county, including a recent break-in attempt at the Big M hardware store.

The cases will be presented to the McCreary County Grand Jury to seek indictments against the suspects.

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