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Prisoner escapes from transport- recaptured

A prisoner in the custody of a transport officer briefly escaped early Saturday morning and is facing serious charges as a result.

According to McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters the prisoner, identified as Jeff Litton, was arrested by the Kentucky State Police earlier that morning on DUI charges, but compounded his legal troubles by fleeing from custody and evading searching officers for more than two hours.

After the initial arrest and processing of the prisoner, McCreary County Transport Officer Tabitha Worley took custody of the subject and initiated a transport to the Wayne County Detention Center.

Shortly after departing, Worley became ill and contacted McCreary 911 to arrange for another transport officer to take the run.

Worley returned to the Sheriff’s Office to await the replacement officer. At that time Litton started complaining about becoming ill himself, and asked the officer if he could get out of the vehicle. Worley reportedly opened the door of the cruiser and Litton pulled away from the officer and ran, while still handcuffed. The suspect ignored calls to stop and fled in the direction of the jail and the train tracks beyond.

A manhunt was initiated with McCreary County Sheriff’s Deputies, Kentucky State Police troopers and Forest Service Officer Tim Grooms and his K9 officer began a search for the suspect.

Around 3:50 a.m. Litton was caught near the Cabin Creek lights. Upon his arrest he had managed to remove one handcuff, and had the other still on his wrist.

Litton will be facing escape charges, as well as theft of identity charges for reportedly providing a wrong name and date of birth upon his initial arrest. The case will be presented to the McCreary County Grand Jury.

Transport officers are not permitted to carry firearms, pepper spray or tazers unless they have certification.

Worley has been on active duty for less than a month.

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