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Where does your tax dollar go?

PIE CHART 2015 on tax rates

McCreary County PVA Bruce Lominac keeps a handy chart available in his office for anyone who questions their tax bill.

While the PVA’s Office doesn’t have anything to do with tax rates, it typically is the first stop citizens make when they complain about their bill.

While tax rates are set by the state and local government, and local boards, the PVA prints the bill as a service to the county.

With a lot of questions concerning taxes this year in particular, Lominac has prepared a break-down of where the money goes when a citizen pays their tax bill.

For every dollar paid in local tax, that money is divided up and distributed to seven different agencies.

The state receives approximately 15 cents out of every tax dollar while the McCreary County Fiscal Court receives 11 cents.

The McCreary County Public Library gets 9 cents, the Health Department 4 cents, and soil conservation 2 cents.

11 cents of every dollar goes to the five local fire districts based on which district the property that is being taxed belongs. (When reviewing your tax bill make sure your property is listed in the proper fire protection district to ensure that department gets the funding it is due, Lominac urges.)

The only entity that raised taxes this year is also the agency that takes the largest chunk of every tax dollar. The McCreary County School District, receives 47.48 percent, or approximately 48 cents out of every dollar, according to Lominac.

The amounts above do not include additional funding these agencies may receive, such as grants or other federal and state allotments.

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