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Search for Superintendent officially begins

The McCreary County Board of Education took steps last week to formally begin the process of searching for the next Superintendent of Schools.

Meeting in special session, the Board approved the hiring of the Kentucky School Board Association to help guide the District through the process of advertising the position, forming a search committee and selecting the right candidate for the job.

The KSBA will provide a facilitator to help guide the Board and the eventual screening committee through the steps required by law to advertise the position and screen applicants.

Tim Eaton, the KSBA representative that will work with the District, will meet with the Board during a special session Monday evening and explain the process and get things started.

The position was formally posted last Thursday with the Kentucky Educator Placement Service and potential candidates for the job can begin submitting their applications through the KSBA. By law the position must be posted for at least 30 days, but the Board can extend that time if they wish.

One of the next steps will be forming the search committee, a process expected to take place during the advertisement process. The committee will be comprised of one Board of Education member, two teachers, one classified employee, one principal and one parent. Each group will meet independently and elect their representative to serve on the committee. The presidents of the Parent Teacher Organizations in the District will choose the parent representative.

Once the committee is in place the KSBA will meet with them and the Board where the Board will outline their qualifications for a suitable candidate will be laid out.

From there the committee will meet in closed sessions, examining the applications and eventually forwarding their recommendation(s) to the Board.

At that time the Board can accept or reject the recommendation.

If they choose to reject, the committee will reconvene and select additional candidates.

Using KSBA’s service will cost the District approximately $8,000. Attorney Tim Crawford had previously stated he could possibly perform the duties for less, the Board was advised it would be better if an outside agency headed the efforts due to the pending litigation the Board is facing.

Donnie Wright is currently still considered Superintendent of the District, but has tendered his resignation as of January 1, 2016.

Mike Cash is serving as Acting Superintendent as Wright is on a leave of absence.

In other actions during the meeting the Board approved a design for a new Softball field house, the design and contract with Ross Tarrant Architects for the Middle School roof replacement project and the BG-1 for the proposed Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract.

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