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Big South Fork Centennial Challenge: 100 Miles for 100 Years

horseOneida, Tennessee: In celebration of the 100th birthday of America’s national parks, Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area is sponsoring “Centennial Challenge: 100 Miles for 100 Years”. From January 1 through December 2, participants will have a great opportunity to get out and experience many of the unique cultural and natural features of this park along their 100-mile journeys. This is a self-paced activity for visitors to hike, ride (mountain bike or equestrian), and/or paddle along the park’s 500-mile multi-system trails including 70+ miles of the Big South Fork river and its tributaries. All finishers are eligible to receive a patch that was specially-designed for this event. Please visit the park’s website,, to download the Centennial Challenge log sheet. The honor system applies; as you accumulate miles, record them. When completed, bring the log sheet to the Bandy Creek Visitor Center or mail to: Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area, 4564 Leatherwood Ford Rd. Oneida, TN 37841 or email us via the park website at

There will be a culminating Centennial Challenge celebration program at the Bandy Creek Visitor Center on December 3, 2016. At this event park rangers will recognize both the youngest and oldest males and females who completed 100 miles along with the participant(s) who accomplished the challenge incorporating the most categories (hike, ride, etc.). All participants who completed the challenge will also have the opportunity to participate in a group photo at the event.

Participants are also highly encouraged to photograph their favorite places and memories along their journeys. Selected submitted images of participants’ journeys may be printed for exhibition at the Visitor Center and may be displayed on the park’s website and other venues.

Join us in our yearlong centennial celebration as we strive to connect with and create the next generation of park visitors, supporters, and advocates for our national parks. For more information on how you can be involved, please call the Bandy Creek Visitor Center at (423) 286-7275.

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