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2012 alcohol lawsuit dismissed

A lawsuit challenging the 2012 McCreary County wet/dry election finally had its day in court this week.

On Monday Circuit Court Judge Dan Ballou officially dismissed the case, thereby ending the four-year battle over how certain aspects of the previous election had been held.

The dismissal officially drops all charges against the defendants, the McCreary County Board of Elections and the group known as the Citizens for a Secure McCreary County.

Plaintiff Scottie Morrow filed the suit in September 2012, asking for the Court to investigate allegations of improper actions on the day of the election, to declare the election invalid and calling for a new vote to be held.

With no activity in the case from the plaintiff or his attorney in the past two years, and a subsequent alcohol election held earlier this month, the Court agreed that no further action needed to be taken.

The dismissal should come as a relief to County Clerk Eric Haynes, who was required to keep one voting machine containing what the lawsuit called questionable ballots from one precinct in the 2012 election sealed to preserve evidence.

With a limited number of voting machines in the county, Haynes had filed a motion earlier this year to release the machine so it could be used in the upcoming elections.

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