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Bizarre kidnapping attempt leads to added security at Kroger’s


Photo by Greg Bird The McCreary County Sheriff’s Department has been providing increased security at a local store after threats were made to an employee.

You may have noticed an increased police presence at Kroger’s over the past several days.

McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters stated the added security was a result of a bizarre case that began as an attempted kidnapping late last month.

According to Sheriff Waters, the case began on Sunday, March 27 when Steven L. Snead, 25, of Eubank, along with five other individuals, allegedly forcibly entered the home of his ex-wife with the intent of kidnapping their three children.

Snead, along with the other individuals, reportedly planned to take the children, by force if necessary, back to a residence in Ferguson. The arrest report stated one of the subjects allegedly was there to assist by causing harm or death if deemed necessary.

The subjects would not allow the mother of the children to seek assistance, and took her cell phone to prevent her from calling 911.

The smallest child was taken from his mother’s arms, and placed in a small pick up truck, with no child safety restraints, along with the other children and four other adults.

The subjects fled the residence in two separate vehicles, with up to six police units in pursuit.

Officers managed to stop the pickup and recover the children, ages ranging from 8 months to 4 years old, who were reportedly uninjured but scared.

The second vehicle was not located.

Snead, along with Saxton W. Snead, 23, of Whitley City, were arrested on charges of Kidnapping of a Minor, Burglary 3rd Degree, Wanton Endangerment 2nd Degree, Endangering the Welfare of a Minor, Menacing and Unlawful Imprisonment.

Additional arrests and charges in the case may be pending.

Sheriff Waters added one of the individuals involved in the case had reportedly called the Kroger’s store and threatened one of the employees, so store management arranged with local law enforcement to provide additional security for the employees and customers for an indeterminate amount of time.

McCreary County Joey Braden conducted the arrest in the case, with Deputies Odell Smith and Greg Chaney, Constable Dustin Ridner and Kentucky State Police Troopers Wells and Duncan assisting.

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