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New column debuts next week

unspecified2The Voice is proud to welcome a new columnist to our pages next week: Kevin Slimp and “The Good Folks of Lennox Valley.”.

Kevin says the original idea for the serial came while visiting with a friend from the small town of Lennox, South Dakota several years ago. For five years, he jotted ideas concerning the folks who lived in his fictional home-town and eventually put those ideas into stories which you can read each week in this and scores of other newspapers across the country. Kevin visits hundreds of small towns each year in his role as “News Guru” in the publishing world and in his travels for “Ken and Kevin’s Road Trip,” a blog ( that follows the travels of Kevin and his friend, Ken, through the back roads of North America.  For 20 years, his syndicated columns related to publishing have been found in journals and industry publications on four continents. Through the years, he has garnered the nickname, “Guru,” from many in the journalism world and many call him by that name today. Kevin says his inspiration for writing “The Good Folks of Lennox Valley” was to follow in the footsteps of his favorite childhood columnist, Lewis Grizzard, whose stories about his Georgia hometown were found in hundreds of newspapers each week. Through this weekly serial, we’ll meet the folks who make up Lennox Valley. We’ll get to know the clergy, the politicians, the local celebrities, the teenagers and others who call this place home. In his lifetime, Kevin has been a minister, a technology guru, a consultant, a popular speaker and a writer. He says the people he’s met throughout the years make up the characters you will meet in Lennox Valley.

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