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Bathroom protest


Protesters opposed to President Obama’s directive for school districts to accommodate transgender student bathroom access made their opinions known Monday afternoon by demonstrating in front of Raider Way Monday afternoon.

Pastor David Allen of the Pine Knot Holiness Church stated they wanted to share their “message of morality” to the public.

“We are encouraging our citizens to take a stand and protect our children,” Allen said. “It is damaging our children in many different ways.”

McCreary County Schools Superintendent Mike Cash said he didn’t anticipate making any policy changes as a result of the directive, and preferred to wait until clarification came from the state level.

“We are going to go about our normal business and operate as usual until we hear differently,” Cash said. “If a situation arises, we will deal with it when and if that time comes.”

Last Friday the President, along with the U.S. Departments of  Justice and Education, issued a “directive,” that detailed federal guidelines for transgender students and bathroom use, and provided definitions for the relevant terms “Gender identity,” “Sex assigned at birth,” “Transgender,” and “Gender transition.”

Schools were informed that failure to accommodate legally entitled students to the necessary accommodations could constitute a violation of the obligations of federally funded schools.

The directive does not force schools to label bathrooms for transgender students.

Many Governors, including Kentucky’s Matt Bevin, decried the directive, and vowed to fight what they see as federal overreach into schools.

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