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McCreary Central High School Graduating Class of 2016 Parking Information

This is a very exciting time for McCreary Central High School Seniors and their crowing achievement. Limited parking presents a challenge in accommodating our graduates, families, community guest and staff. In order to serve everyone in a safe, efficient manner, the Board of Education will be sponsoring courtesy shuttle buses from various locations in our community. Students will receive their parking pass during practice on Friday, June 3rd. Passes may be used for multiple trips and allow access of the Wilburn K. Ross Highway onto Raider Way. Please review the following locations/arrangements to determine which best services you. (Buses for handicapped permits will be available at each location.)

Parking Area Location

1. Outdoor Venture, former ABC Factory, Stearns Transportation Provider  – McCreary County Schools

2. Pine Knot Primary, Pine Knot Primary Parking next to old Big John’s, Pine Knot, Transportation Provider  – McCreary County Schools

3. Whitley City Elementary, WCES Parking Lot Transportation Provider  – McCreary County Schools

4. McCreary Board of Education, McCreary County Middle School, McCreary Central High School All McCreary County Educational Facilities on Raider Way, Stearns. Student & Staff Parking only with Official Parking Pass

Please note: shuttle busses will run in increments from 8:00 AM – 9:40 AM prior to the ceremony. The last shuttle return trip will depart MCHS at 12:00 PM.

Event staff will be placed at each parking area until 9:40 AM to assist you.

Parking passes will be distributed to graduating seniors at graduation practice on June 3rd. All students participating in graduation must attend!

Guest must enter the high school through the main entrance located near the auditorium.

Your patience and understanding is greatly appreciated as our community celebrates this incredible milestone in the lives of our young adults.

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