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Searching for the Unknown

Local veteran hopes to reunite “Unknown Soldier” grave marker with its proper grave


IMG_2491Ten years ago, Danny Watson found a cemetery marker on the Mine 18 Road.  The marker had no inscription other than what appears to be the Confederate Southern Cross of Honor emblem and the simple words, “Unknown Soldier.”  At the time, Watson, himself a veteran, mentioned the marker to folks at the American Legion hoping they might reunite the marker with the proper grave.  Little did he imagine, nearly a decade later, he would once again encounter the Unknown Soldier’s grave marker.

Just a few weeks ago, a neighbor of Danny’s who had been picking up cans alongside the Mine 18 road, made a passing remark to Danny about how he had seen something he thought was a grave marker alongside the road.

Danny immediately knew the “Unknown Soldier” marker must still be resting in the grass and weeds alongside the roadway.  The two immediately loaded up and went to inspect the area.  Sure enough, Danny discovered the same marker he had found years earlier.

The two men loaded the heavy marker and took it to Watson’s house where he keeps an eye on it.  Watson hopes the marker will somehow find its way home to the correct grave-although with no dates or other information to give him a lead, Watson realizes the chances of finding the proper grave are slim.

If Watson doesn’t find the correct grave, he plans to erect it alongside his deceased brother’s burial site.   Watson’s brother, who was also a veteran, is honored at Watson’s home with a military marker and high-flying flag.

If anyone has any information regarding the grave marker or information that might help get the marker to the proper grave, please contact the Voice at 606-376-5500.  We will relay the information to Mr. Watson.

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