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Blue Heron Campground Ranger Program Go with the Flow

The Big South Fork National River and Recreation Area has a rich history intertwined with its equally rich natural beauty. Join a park ranger to learn how the land and river has shaped and supported the surrounding communities from ancient time all the way up to the twentieth century. This fun, fact-filled evening activity begins at 7:00 p.m. (ET) on July 16 at the Blue Heron Campground amphitheater.

The area has a long human history spanning the last ten thousand years. From the prehistoric Paleo Indians to the coal miners of recent time, Big South Fork is an area with a rich cultural tapestry. Big South Fork was even touched by events of the Civil War. Several stories have emerged about the people in this area, and the landscape has sustained them all over thousands of years.

The National Park Service hosts ranger programs every Saturday evening starting Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend at the Blue Heron Campground. The Blue Heron Campground is located in the Kentucky portion of Big South Fork NRRA, nine miles west of Stearns off of Highway 742. This program is free of charge, handicap accessible and all are welcome. For directions or additional information, please call the Blue Heron Interpretive Center at (606) 376-3787.

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