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It Can Be Done

Young McCreary Countians proving success can be “homegrown.” 



With limited employment opportunities in McCreary County, our youth are surrounded by a constant chorus of voices telling them to leave home as soon as possible in order to be successful.

Our young people often hear many of their well-meaning and sincere friends, mentors, and kin folks telling them “they best move away from here.”

Over and over, our young people hear the same refrain.  One simply can’t be a successful entrepreneur in McCreary County.

That’s right.  They say it just can’t be done.

However, a surprising number of young McCreary Countians are going against the grain and proving it is possible to establish a successful business, right here, at home in McCreary County.  With a lot of hard work, sacrifice, passion, enthusiasm, and a sincere love of McCreary County as their home, these young people are beating the odds in McCreary County.  They are proving it can be done.

Throughout the next few weeks, The Voice will shine the spotlight on a few young people (under forty) who have stayed or returned to McCreary County and have managed to establish a successful, primary business or trade.  It’s impossible for us to share everyone’s success story, but our intent is to focus on the positive and share knowledge gleaned from some of McCreary County’s successful, young entrepreneurs.  If you would like to suggest a successful, young business person for our series, call us at The Voice (376-5500) or email within the next two weeks.

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