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Response to announcement

Following the announcement that the Stearns mine would soon be opened, the Voice asked those in attendance for their reaction to the announcement.

miltonMilton Morrow – “If they’ve already got their permits in line, it should make a really good impact on the county. It should get us some good jobs. We’ve turned into a bedroom community to all four counties around us.  We’ve got nothing to offer people but Outdoor Venture and they’re struggling on a good day. They’re struggling to keep jobs. It’s hard. This should really help.”


randyRandy Waters – “This means a whole lot to me. It helps the county, hopefully with the tax base and maybe a deputy or two.  It will put people back to work in good jobs.  I’m really, really excited about it. I worked 11 years the coal mines and really liked it. At least these people at home will have a good job.”



hapHap Strunk – “This is wonderful, I hope everything works out. It proves to me something I already knew, if you want something done, look to the private sector.  Don’t think about the government to help you.”



jimmieJimmie Johnson – “I was fortunate to have been privy to the progress. I was telling some other people I have met Robert Crowder about four times. He is an outstanding individual. He is very enthusiastic about taking the mines on and I feel that he is the guy for the job. He has been the same each time I have met him. He’s a terrific person.”

“The people he has coming in that have most of the mining experience, he’s very familiar with them.  As a group, I think they will be very successful.  They know the challenges of keeping a mines open today, they know their niche in the market and I think they will be very successful.”


michaelMichael Bush – “I think it’s a great announcement today. I think it will have a wonderful impact on this community. 80 to 100 jobs, good paying jobs – new cars, new houses, community growth. The economic benefits probably will be phenomenal. “



davidDavid Worley – “I think it’s great. We need the jobs. It’ll help our whole economy. It will help our local businesses and create more jobs. The economy will have more money floating around. It’ll help everyone.”



steveSteve Richards – “Well, I think it will be a very good thing for our local businesses. As you know, I came in here from Indiana and opened a machine shop. Stearns and McCreary County in general is just a great place to have your business. The people around here have very good work ethics.  I think it will be a very good thing for the community.”

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  1. Jon on March 20, 2023 at 10:27 am

    What happened to this opportunity?

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