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Making Our Communities Healthier

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital unveils new mission statement embracing community health


Surrounded by Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital (LCRH) staff and visitors, LCRH CEO Timothy A. Bess recently unveiled the hospital’s new mission statement-“Making Our Communities Healthier.”

Celebrating its fortieth anniversary of serving the region, LCRH has chosen to adopt the same mission, vision, and five guiding principles as its partner company, LifePoint Health.  With seventy-two hospitals in twenty-two states, LifePoint is a leading healthcare company dedicated to making communities healthier across the nation.  LCRH recognizes LifePoint’s dedication to making communities healthier as one of many reasons the organization is the right partner for the Somerset based facility.

In fulfilling their mission, LCRH will follow five guiding principles of delivering high quality health care, providing support to physicians, creating an excellent workplace, taking a leadership role in communities, and ensuring fiscal responsibility.

“This new mission statement will steer us where we want to go,” stated Director of Marketing & Community Relations Susan Ramsey Wilson.  “It will strengthen our commitment to making our primary communities healthier.”

LCRH serves the primary communities of Pulaski, McCreary, Wayne, and Russell Counties as well as secondary communities in the surrounding area.

Bess remarked the first step in fulfilling the mission has been achieved by hiring the most qualified staff, professionals, physicians, and volunteers.   Now, Bess hopes to stay the course by continuing to share the mission and vision of LCRH throughout the hospital and its communities.

Visitors to LCRH can expect to see the new mission, vision, and guiding principles throughout the facility on posters and banners.  Staff may also be wearing “I’m Making Communities Healthier” buttons on their clothes as they work.  Visitors are encouraged to ask staff and volunteers about how LCRH is making communities healthier.  Visitors are also encouraged to give their suggestions as to how LCRH can help improve community health.

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