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It Can Be Done!

It is difficult this week to conclude our series about successful, young McCreary County entrepreneurs simply because it is impossible to highlight all of the young people who have remained in or returned home to McCreary County to establish successful businesses.  All of these young people, determined to make a go of it in McCreary County, deserve our recognition and our respect.

Often keeping a low profile and flying beneath the radar in order to make their dreams come true, these young entrepreneurs are our future.  They, along with others who have chosen public service careers, have prevailed and toughed it out when told by well-meaning family, friends, and mentors to leave McCreary County to seek a better life.

It has been refreshing to hear common values woven throughout the stories of the young, McCreary County entrepreneurs highlighted during the past few weeks.  Again and again, we heard them speak of the value of hard work, sacrifice, education (formal or informal), stick-to-itiveness, and financial management.  They spoke with authority on the importance of being passionate about life’s work.

However, it is their obvious love and commitment to McCreary County and their desire to give back to the community that are perhaps most important to the future of McCreary County.  They want McCreary County to succeed, and it is our responsibility to begin handing over the reins as we involve and support these young people who have, against the odds, proven their commitment to McCreary County and its future.

If we let it, the future can be bright for McCreary County.  After all, McCreary County’s young entrepreneurs are proving, against all odds, it can be done.

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