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Painting a Web of Love



Deanna King Matney was honored when she was asked to paint a mural of Charlotte’s Web in the children’s library at the McCreary County Public Library in honor of the late Mary Ruth Stephens, a long time and beloved McCreary County teacher.

Deanna was doubly honored because Stephens was her own fourth and fifth grade teacher.

“I was already excited about the mural,” Matney remarked.  “But when I found out it would honor Mary Ruth, the mural started to mean more than just a painting on a wall.  Whenever I got nervous sketching it, I would think to myself, ‘Please, Mary Ruth, like this.’”

Matney said she loved all of her teachers but Stephens was extra special to her.

“With her, you could tell she loved all of her children,” Matney explained.  “She treated us like her own.  She was my teacher for two years in a row, so I really got attached.  She was just a stand-out teacher for me.”

Matney remembers Stephens reading the book, “Charlotte’s Web,” to the class.

Matney, a 2003 graduate of McCreary Central, sketches and paints at home.  She also paints murals for Sunday School rooms.

“My mother drew a lot,” Matney recalled when asked about her artistic talent.  “I guess I got it from her.  I suppose it comes from the “momma gene” and a lot of luck!”

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