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Remembering 9/11

Facebook question

Where were you when you first heard the news? How did/has it impacted your life on a personal level?




Derek L. Jones – I was across the river in New Jersey making a delivery.



Dan Thiels – I was at the McCreary Campus for English class , the first plane hit, and ppl were talking about it outside the building as I was walking in, Mrs Chaney got the class a tv and we watched some of it that morning.



Mike Worley – I was at the photo lab at Walmart in Oneida getting our film developed into negatives for that weeks issue of The Voice. We were still in the old office…before moving to the Oaks.

4Beverly Shook – I was in a meeting at work at the hospital in Corbin. I remember someone interrupting the meeting to tell us that the United States was under attack. We all went back to our units, scared to death. Every television was on, showing the planes crashing into the World Trade Center. Our hospital was on lock down because we didn’t know if we might be getting an influx of patients since all planes were being grounded and an airport was nearby. I was so frightened for my family and my children and was devastated because I was separated from them.

5Adam Phillips – I was sitting in a fiscal court meeting that Tuesday morning when the attacks happened. I remember Peggy Lawson, the Judge-Executive’s long time secretary, coming in and tell Judge Jimmie Greene about the plans flying into the World Trade Center buildings. Of course, sitting there, no one really knew what was happening or that we would all remember that day for the rest of our lives.

6Jesie Renae Anderson – I was sitting in front of the television tying my gym shoes getting ready to go to kindergarten. I watched the first plane hit with my mother watching behind me. She quickly ran to the phone and called my father from work to see if this was real and he was seeing this too, and of course it was. My parents were so scared that our country was under attack, that my siblings and I stayed home from school that day in fear of what may happen if we went.

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