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School District launches new app

Students, parents and the general public have a new method of keeping up with information from the McCreary County School District with the launch of a new mobile application.

Stay Connected, an app from School Pointe, can be downloaded free on a phone or other mobile device and can be linked directly to the District’s information portal: essentially a mobile friendly version of the District website.

Greg Davis, Network Engineer for the District, said the new tool provides parents and students easier access to news and updates from the District as more people rely on mobile devices for internet access.

“Anything we update on our website is available on the app with a simple swipe of the finger,” he said.

School calendars, school and district news, staff listings, school information and notifications are all available from the Stay Connected app, which is free to download and install.

“It is another avenue to communicate with parents and the public,” Davis added.

The app is available for Apple devices in the Apple Store, and for Android devices in the Google store.

Once installed a simple search for the McCreary County School District will link the app with the District’s portal

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