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Duncan Passes

Bobby Duncan, beloved proprietor of Duncan’s General Store in Strunk, KY, has passed away leaving an unfillable void in McCreary County.

Under Duncan’s proprietorship since 1946, Duncan’s General Store has been an iconic, community landmark drawing both locals and tourists attracted by its wide array of hardware and automotive parts.  It has been widely acclaimed that one could always find what they were looking for at Bobby’s-even when searching for items more easily available in decades gone by.  With a variety of items including fencing, nails, jam makers, pressure cookers, ladders, sleds, wagons, percolators, and more, Duncan’s General Store has always been the traditional place to browse or buy.  In recent weeks, with the store in the process of closing by the end of this month because of Duncan’s poor health, many of his loyal customers and friends have been visiting the store, making final purchases, and expressing sadness at the end of an era in McCreary County’s history.  Duncan’s death, in addition to the store’s looming closing, brings a double dose of sadness.

Beyond the diversity of nostalgic stock in the store, Duncan’s General Store was a symbol for the man himself.  Known for his Christian faith, kindness, willingness to help others, and love of family and community, Bobby Duncan was one who always had a smile and warm words to share with his customers.  Just as his friends, visitors, and customers warmed their bodies by the store’s pot-bellied stove on cold, wintry days, they warmed their hearts and spirits through the love, graciousness, and friendship extended to them by Duncan.

Bobby Duncan will be sadly missed.

A full obituary for Bobby Duncan will be published in next week’s edition of The Voice.

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