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Fiscal Court takes over Transfer Station

As part of the new working agreement with Scott Solid Waste the McCreary County Fiscal Court has agreed to take over operations at the Transfer Station in Stearns as of this Friday.

Under the new agreement the County will operate the station, which will allow residents to continue depositing trash at the rate of $1 a bag, or $15 per month if they sign up for service but do not want to have curbside pick-up.

Scott Solid Waste agreed to continue some aspects of the original contract, which would allow customers with a paid account to bring one load of bulk items to the land fill in Scott County for free each year, with other loads to be charged based on the weight.

During Thursday’s special called session of the Fiscal Court the Court took actions to operate the station, including adding duties to a County employee to take over the job.

Magistrate Jason Mann noted Community Service Program Coordinator Cody Vanover already operates mainly out of the facility and suggested he could take on the additional duties of running the station, with a small salary increase.

Magistrate Mann motioned to add the duties to the job description, along with a $3,000 increase in annual salary.

The station will also be open for a half day on Saturday to allow for residents who work throughout the week to take advantage of the hours of operation. The facility would be closed to accepting garbage on Mondays, but still would be able to accept recycling materials.

Judge Stephens noted there may be a need to hire an additional part-time person to man the station, which would allow Vanover to continue his other duties as well as having another individual prepared in the event of a sick day or vacation time.

No action was taken on the part-time hire, as the Fiscal Court opted to wait and see how operations at the transfer station would work.

The salary of the CSP Coordinator, and all part time employees are paid through the Garbage fund, which is funded mainly through litter abatement and recycling grants as well as fees collected through the franchise agreement with Scott Solid Waste.

The Fiscal Court also hired Richard Stephens as the new Public Facilities Maintenance Technician at a salary of $27,500 per year. Stephens will replace James Jones, who resigned the position earlier this month.

Stephens was one of seven applicants for the job, but was hired after Magistrate Roger Phillips noted he was both a licensed plumber and electrician, and seemed to be the most qualified applicant for the position.

Stephens was hired on a 4-1 vote, with Magistrate Duston Baird voting against.

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