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December OC Tax

Occupational Tax receipts for the Month of December show a slight increase over collections a year ago, but overall numbers show an alarming tend if it continues.

According to the McCreary County Judge Executive’s Office a total of $23,513.04 was added to the General Fund for the month, about $800 more than December 2014> December 2013 saw $14,541 added and December 2013 had the lowest collections at $5,466.

Halfway through the fiscal year a total of approximately $490,835 has been collected, which is about $15,000 less than the previous six month total from July through December 2014.

With a monthly average of just over $81,000, if that average continues, only $981,000 will have been brought in to the General Fund – about $20,000 less than expected in the budget.

In the past the months of January and February have been performing above that average. January 2016 was an exception, with only $79,000 collected. The previous the January months (2013-15) saw an average of about $150,000 gained through the tax. The previous three months of February saw an average collection of about $170,000.

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