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Four charged with unlawful imprisonment


Four people are facing unlawful imprisonment charges, and three more were arrested for drug-related crimes last week after a McCreary County Sheriff’s Department investigation.

Sheriff Randy Waters released a statement outlining some details in the case, which actually began the previous week with an undercover drug investigation.

Sheriff Waters stated the case began when deputies made a traffic stop on February 1st, whereupon they unearthed information about alleged drug activity at a residence in Stearns.

As reported last week, Sheriff Waters authorized the use of a confidential informant to go to the home to make a drug purchase.

Officers waited for more than an hour for the CI to exit, when they decided to knock on the door to check on the well being of the individual. While speaking to a female occupant at the door, Sheriff Waters could see the CI sitting at the table, where a meth pipe was also in plain view.

The occupant gave written consent to search the residence, whereupon approximately 6.19 grams of meth was seized, as well as drug paraphernalia. The money the Sheriff had given to the CI to purchase the drugs was also recovered.

No arrests were made at the time as Sheriff Waters was intending to seek a Grand Jury indictment against suspects in the case.

A week later the case took a turn toward the sinister.

Around 2:00 p.m. Wednesday Sergeant Odell Smith and emergency personnel responded to a call concerning a vehicle fire on Alum Road in Whitley City.

After arriving on scene Sgt. Smith discovered the CI was involved in some sort of confrontation with several individuals who reportedly threatened his life.

After securing the witness, officers obtained warrants on the suspects identified by the informant.

That evening three of the suspects were arrested, and a fourth taken in to custody Friday.

Arrested were: Brittany Coffey, 28, of Pine Knot, Billy Correll, 39, of Monticello and Ryan Wilson, 32, of Stearns. All three were charged with Unlawful Imprisonment 1st Degree and Assault 4th Degree. Coffey and Wilson were also charged with Criminal Mischief 1st Degree.

Wilson was additionally charged Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Offense (Meth).

In the course of making the arrests three other individuals were arrested on various drug-related charges as well:

Gregory R. Norris, 44, of Winfield, Tennessee, was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree, Tampering With Physical Evidence, Resisting Arrest and Menacing.

Alisa A. Slaven, 44,  of Pine Knot, was charged with Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree and Possession of Marijuana.

Darrell Koger, 52, of Stearns was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance 1st Degree.

Friday morning Rambo D. Garland, 27, of Pine Knot was also arrested on unlawful imprisonment and assault charges.

Sheriff Waters stated the investigation is still ongoing and additional charges may be pending.

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