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January OC Tax numbers reported

According to numbers released by Judge Executive Doug Stephens and the McCreary County Occupational Tax Office receipts from the tax for January were above collection rates from the previous year, but below collections from the three prior January’s.

Last month $113,129 was added to the General Fund from tax receipts, bringing the 7-month total to $603,965.

That total is about $18,000 ahead of the same time period last year.

January 2016 saw only $79,641 collected, but the same month over the previous three collection periods saw totals over $135,000, with 2013 recording the highest total – $197,488.

Through the first seven months of the fiscal year collections are averaging just over $86,000 per month. If that average holds steady about $1,035,368 will have been collected for the fiscal year – about $35,000 over the projected budget.

Traditionally, the months of February (as tax returns start to come in), and April see above average collection totals, while March, May and June see numbers below the current average.

Judge Stephens warned during the last Fiscal Court meeting that the slightly higher collections may stem from more individuals paying past-due taxes, as the County has been more aggressive in pursuing delinquent accounts.

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