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New facing charges after OUI stop

McCreary County Sheriff Randy Waters reports former McCreary County Coroner Brandon New is facing serious charges after allegedly attempting to drive while under the influence Tuesday night and crashing in to a police cruiser.
According to Sheriff Waters, shortly after 6:00 p.m. Tuesday night officers received notification to be on the lookout for a 2010 Dodge truck with the driver possibly under the influence of drugs.

Officers eventually spotted the vehicle on Highway 2792 driving erratically. The driver reportedly did not stop when Sergeant Odell Smith tuned on his blue lights. The officer spotted the subject partially slumped over in to the passenger side of the vehicle and did not appear to be in full control of the vehicle.

When the driver failed to stop Sergeant Smith, Deputy Milford Creekmore and Constable Bill Hayes performed a rolling road block stop, wherein the officers used their cruisers to box in the truck and attempted to force the driver to slow down and stop.

With Sgt. Smith’s vehicle in front, the driver did not slow down, and crashed into the rear of his cruiser before finally coming to a halt.

As officers approached the vehicle, which was still in drive, the driver initially did not obey orders to open the door, and Sgt. Smith noted a belt wrapped around his forearm. When officers finally got the subject to roll down the window he was removed from the vehicle and placed in to custody.

A search of the vehicle found drug paraphernalia and a broken syringe on the floor- boards.

The driver of the vehicle was identified as Brandon D. New, 35, of Pine Knot.

New reportedly told officers he had done “multiple controlled substances” prior to the traffic stop.

At that point New started to lose consciousness, and was transported to Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital, where he was admitted with possible overdose symptoms.

The hospital staff reportedly found remnants of a broken needle in New’s arm at the time of admittance.

New was cited for OUI, reckless driving and fleeing/evading. Additional charges are possible pending the investigation.

New was scheduled to appear in Court Thursday morning.

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